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gblowfish 08:05 PM 04-05-2020
With all the shelter at home stuff, thought I'd start a fun thread to help get our minds on better times. I am not a professional or high level amateur photographer, but I have taken some cool pictures over the years. If you've taken pictures that you're proud of, how bout posting a couple,and explaining what they are?

I'll Start:

St. Louis July 2003. I was staying downtown in that beer can shaped hotel by the arch. I got a call around midnight that my mom was taken to ICU in Arkansas, and was in bad shape. I got up at dawn as the sun was rising over the Mississippi river. I took this picture looking east. Went to the chapel in the center and said a prayer for my parents. Mom got out of ICU 66 days later.

Alley Springs, MO: From around 2002, near Eminence,MO.

Hotel Bothwell, Sedalia,MO. Shot at sundown in downtown Sedalia.

Desoto Sign, Carthage, MO. On a trip to Arkansas, took the scenic route 2018.

Missouri Hwy 13 Bridge, Lexington, MO: Looking north during the flood of 1993.
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ptlyon 09:53 PM 03-17-2021
Wicked 586 - too bad that's not the horsepower! :-)
Bugeater 09:57 PM 03-17-2021
It's actually good that isn't the horsepower with the way I drive.
eDave 04-02-2021, 05:55 PM
This message has been deleted by eDave.
Otter 03:55 PM 05-11-2021

Bugeater 06:25 PM 05-11-2021
Des Moines riverfront and state capital.

Otter 02:26 PM 05-16-2021
Kind of hard to see, but that's a tree growing on top of an old abandoned shack. From my camp/hiking in Marble, CO this weekend.
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Easy 6 02:52 PM 05-16-2021
Thats cool, the rotted old wood and whatever little leaf litter is up there basically created a pocket of soil

Betting it was a very scenic camping trip, any more pics?
eDave 01:46 AM 05-21-2021
Tempe Town Lake Railroad Bridge. Tonight.

Otter 10:55 AM 05-29-2021
Knee Toe
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kccrow 12:21 PM 05-29-2021
Originally Posted by eDave:
AZ hiking sunsets. South Mountain.


Octoberish (not a great pic. sorry.):
That top pick is awesome Dave
Easy 6 12:51 PM 05-29-2021
Originally Posted by Otter:
Knee Toe
Whats with the huge hole, and is that bear scat?
Bugeater 07:10 PM 05-29-2021
Stone State Park, Sioux City, IA

ChiefaRoo 07:48 PM 05-29-2021
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DeepPurple 08:46 PM 05-29-2021
Sloppy Joe's in Key West Florida August 2018

Sloppy Joe's Webcam

Sloppy Joe's Key West Webcam

Beer House at Busch Gardens Tampa June 2019

DeepPurple 08:57 PM 05-29-2021
Old cars taken from the deck of my ship Havana Harbor August 2018

When everyone went ashore in Havana, it was the perfect time to use the pool deck, nobody was there

I live in the largest retirement community in America, The Villages Florida population 135,000 over 40 square miles. There are about 75,000 golf carts in use within The Villages, basically everyone has one or two even if they don't golf. It's like they have to buy one forever reason, mine I only drive when I play golf. I've been here ten years next month and about one person a year has gotten killed.

In these two accidents between cars and carts, both cart drivers were killed.

eDave 09:11 PM 05-29-2021
That pool deck pic oozes humidity. I can feel it from here.

Hadn't thought about cart accidents in retirement areas. We have plenty in AZ.

Cool pics, Purple.
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