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eDave 08:45 PM 02-05-2019
Rabble's thread has become extremely slow to load and post so I'm starting a new one while the other will be locked.

As rabble is no longer with us (cough), I have been authorized to post in his stead.

Perhaps we can add a full description of the video then post a direct link in an effort to forego the issues in the original thread.

Let's hear what your hearing.

Link to the original -
patteeu 08:19 PM 02-07-2019
Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man

Spaceman 3 - Hypnotized

My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow

Loop - Vapour
srvy 03:52 PM 02-08-2019
I was a Poco fan after Buffalo Springfield broke due to Neil Young and Steven Still BS personally the should have never been allowed in.
This was one my favorite songs from them. I always looked for a live version on the tube this is close enough though I think the orchestra was dubbed in from the album at the finale. Timothy Schmidt Had joined on as Randy Meisner left to join Ricky Nelsons Stone Canyon Band then later on to play base for the eagles till he couldnt stand it and left and timothy was recruited to the eagles.
Paul Cotton -- guitar, vocals
Timothy B. Schmidt -- bass, vocals
Rusty Young -- steel guitar, guitar, vocals
George Grantham -- drums, vocals
Al Garth -- fiddle, flute, violin, sax, vocals

Imon Yourside 04:25 PM 02-08-2019

Imon Yourside 04:28 PM 02-08-2019

scho63 06:25 PM 02-08-2019

listopencil 04:40 AM 02-09-2019
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
Why would you cite Helen Reddy's Delta Dawn over Tanya?

One of the most perfectly 'country and western' voices.

Tanya Tucker- Delta Dawn

I prefer Tanya Tucker's version as it was burned into my brain from continuous airplay as a child, but I like this one from Tanya more:

(Blood Red And Goin' Down)
Fishpicker 03:35 AM 02-10-2019
some great rock ballads.

listopencil 03:32 AM 02-11-2019

Imon Yourside 03:29 PM 02-11-2019

Coochie liquor 04:59 AM 02-12-2019
Originally Posted by eDave:
That's pretty heavy. Me like.

It's awesome going back and listening to things you weren't into because you were into something else.

Lately for me it's been The Verve and Stone Roses.
If youíve been getting down to Verve and Stone Roses, then donít miss out on The Stereophonics. Love these guys.

Pushead2 05:08 AM 02-12-2019
Been big on Minus the Bear lately.

eDave 10:04 PM 02-14-2019
I just smoked a doob and span this:

This one was much better though:
Miles 10:47 PM 02-14-2019
Liking the early MBV love. Only thing with them is I think it’s best listened on a decent setup or headphones because of the whole muted sound thing.
Nzoner 05:41 AM 02-15-2019
I've been wearing out the newest Record Company project

listopencil 03:38 AM 02-16-2019

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