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Fantasy/CasinoPlanet>Single Elimination Death match
Hog's Gone Fishin 07:56 PM 08-31-2023
Here are the Rules:

1)Each week, prior to kick off you pick a team to win it's game. Straight up. Don't pick multiple games ,just one game, one team.

2) If the team you pick wins then you advance to the next week to pick again.

3) You can only pick a team once during the year. So if you pick Chiefs to win week 1 and they do, then you cannot pick them again the rest of the year. So if you make it to week 17 then you've picked 17 different teams.

4) If your team that week ends in a tie we'll call it a win.

5) No editing after KO. You will be disqualified.

6) Also, with your week 1 pick , include the number of points the Chiefs will score during regular season for the year, we'll use it as a tie breaker if more than 1 person survives.

No need to sign up, just get your pick in before the games start week 1.

Week 11 Survivors:

Old dog
1 (Commanders)
2 (Bills)
3 (Dolphins)
4 (Jaguars)
5 (Lions)
6 (Chiefs)
7 (Seahawks)
8 (Chargers)
9 (Browns)
10 (Cowboys)
11 (49ers)
12 (Vikings)

Hog's Gone Fishin
1 (Ravens)
2 (Saints)
3 (Seahawks)
4 (49ers)
5 (Dolphins)
6 (Bills)
7 (Browns)
8 (Eagles)
9 (Colts)
10 (Steelers)
11 (Jags)
12 (Chiefs)

.Week 12 schedule:
New World Order 03:27 PM 11-06-2023

Thanks for doing this Hog. Had fun
Hog's Gone Fishin 09:49 AM 11-07-2023
Steelers for week 10
PHOG 01:29 PM 11-07-2023
Ok, I'll go with the Bengals for week 10.
PHOG 02:50 PM 11-12-2023
Welp, you win some, you lose some. Thanks Hog for putting this on. :-)
Old Dog 10:43 AM 11-14-2023
49'ers over Buccaneers for week 11

(at least for now....could flip this one)
Hog's Gone Fishin 02:00 PM 11-14-2023
Jaguars over Tits for week 11
Hog's Gone Fishin 06:24 PM 11-19-2023
On to week 12
Hog's Gone Fishin 10:33 PM 11-21-2023
Chiefs over the scumbag Raiders for week 12
Old Dog 09:40 AM 11-23-2023
Vikings over the Bears
Old Dog 09:41 AM 11-28-2023
Congrats Hog....damn Vikings
Hog's Gone Fishin 09:50 AM 11-28-2023
Originally Posted by Old Dog:
Congrats Hog....damn Vikings
So close! Thanks Old Dog
Hog's Gone Fishin 09:52 AM 11-28-2023
I will Now declare myself the winner.

Ironically I finished out with the Chiefs as my winning pick.

Thanks for playing everyone. we'll do it again next year.
stumppy 07:56 AM 11-29-2023

Way to go Hog. Especially nice with the Chiefs being the cherry on top of the previous 11 picks.

As Arnold says, I'll be back!
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