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In Memoriam>RIP rockymtnchief
Bwana 08:25 AM 11-08-2021
I was going to wait on this a few days, but under the circumstances, I decided to post this up now. Wes, AKA Hondo passed away late Saturday night. He was like a brother and this one hits pretty hard.
I had a nice talk with his sister yesterday about everything. He was one tough guy and he hung in there for several months longer than the doctor's claimed was possible.

We shared a lot of shooting, beer's ATV rides, and a love of the Chiefs over the years. He was the kind of guy that if he liked you, he would give you the shirt off his back. (In this case literally, I learned he left me all his Chiefs gear) Hondo was the kind of guy to put everyone else first.

I'll have to double check the area for snow level. I'd like to take one last wheeling trip up Bridger Creek this year, dodge the grizzly's that are out trying to get their last meal and stash a bottle of Pendleton at a place on top of the mountain where we used to stop and just BS. I will hoist a shot to the heavens, say a few words and toast him, every time I head up there.

I'll post more stories along with some pictures in the the thread as it moves along.

RIP my brother, you were one of a kind and you will be deeply missed.
bevischief 12:30 AM 11-09-2021
Damn. He will be missed.
Simply Red 01:35 AM 11-09-2021
Originally Posted by Monty:
Well done Bwana. This one hits pretty hard. Hondo was a hell of a guy and we've shared lots over the years as we connected on the Chiefs, telecom, the whole Wyoming/Montana thing, etc. I know he's in a better place now and the suffering is over.

Hondo, this is for you buddy. :-)

I'm also very thankful to have met you Monty, and same could be said of your hospitality and kindness. I miss chatting with you buddy.
Monty 06:06 AM 11-09-2021
Originally Posted by Simply Red:
I'm also very thankful to have met you Monty, and same could be said of your hospitality and kindness. I miss chatting with you buddy.
You too my friend and appreciate your kind words.

Oh, wait. You seem nice. :-)
cdcox 07:25 AM 11-09-2021
RIP, Hondo. My condolences to all his family and friends.
luv 08:26 AM 11-09-2021
:-) RIP
tredadda 08:50 AM 11-09-2021
RIP. Sad to see another one go.
Otter 09:00 AM 11-09-2021
I feel like I know him through Bwana and I'm sorry I've never had the chance to meet him personally.
luv 09:49 AM 11-09-2021
Just had time to go through and read Bwana's stories. I should learn not to do stuff like that I work. Very cool.

My only story is picking him up from the airport when he flew in for a bash. I believe KS Smitty was with me. I know there was a tailgate in there somewhere, too, but my memory is hazy (thanks, alcohol). Wish I remembered more.

Great guy.
LongSufferingToady 12:26 PM 11-09-2021
I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great friend. RIP.
duncan_idaho 12:56 PM 11-09-2021

So sorry to hear this. Sorry for your loss, bwana and hope your good memories continue to bring you comfort.
tmax63 02:21 PM 11-09-2021
May the good Lord have him in Heaven an hour before the Devil knows he's dead. RIP
jallmon 03:37 PM 11-09-2021
stevieray 06:13 PM 11-09-2021
Oh man, I've been dreading this day.

Still feels like a ton of bricks.

First and foremost, my sincerest condolences to you Greg. You were closer to him than any of us. I know your heart is hurting brother, and I feel for you. When you tip one out, please know I'm with you in spirit. You were a great friend to Wes, and the impact will last forever.

Wes was a bad ass. Hunter, fisherman, avid outdoorsman.

Dude was a Cowboy, and not the urban kind. Wes could've been dropped into the Wild West of the 1800's and would not only survive, he'd look good doing it.

Bad ass. Brother rode a Vmax."Nuff said.

Always hoped we'd go riding one day. I'll think about him out on the road.

After he posted about being sick, he would still like my artwork on facebook. I'd reach out and he wouldn't respond...Understandable, Wes wasn't the kind of guy that wanted someone slobbering all over him like a colicky child.

A good way to describe Wes is across between Jimmy Stewart and Steve Mc Queen, with a splash of Chuck Norris. Someone you would be glad to call friend.

I will miss him dearly.
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stevieray 06:18 PM 11-09-2021

ThyKingdomCome15 06:24 PM 11-09-2021
Sounds like a great guy. Thanks for informing us. Hope his friends and family are doing ok. He will be missed. RIP
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