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In Memoriam>RIP Milkman
BossChief 11:42 PM 09-10-2020
Just got this message through PM from his account...super sad. Me n milkman had been chatting about football for 20+ years and I had the highest of opinions of him.

RIP Brother. Have a beer with Sac and Flopnuts and say hi for us.

Hello BossChief and fellow Chief fans
I guess you could say my name is MsRedeyes
But my name is Jeannie, I fell in love with just one look with MyJohnny in 1988. We had 32 fantastic years together enjoying our world by being with each other unfortunately year 33 was our last.
Sharing our lives had been almost always just the way we wanted, always so happy especially when we got to watch our Chiefs. I lost John Feb 22 when he lost his fight with Lung then Brain Stage 4 Cancer. I took care of him until the end. We were both so sure he would beat this and he was doing great until the doctors decided to speed up the winning he was having by changing his therapy to the strongest they had. At this point he had lost 40 lbs was down to 110 and weaker than he should of ever been when choosing such an aggressive choice of trying to kill a killer with another killer, my guy was gone in 2 weeks. I tuned into the game tonight and it has been wonderful to see them but it is so not the same without my Johnny. You guys were very important to him and I know he'll be at all the games. Looks like Clyde-? is going to be fun to watch! so we'll see you there or here.
Thanks for being here to share his happiest times with his Chiefs. He liked saying he was an "insert bad word" but he really was a Super Man and great super Fan. I hope I can stop in to say hi and get to feel the love again for this great team, and I know redeyes will be here.too. Jeannie redeyes
Sofa King 09:28 PM 09-30-2020
Saw this today.
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RealSNR 08:37 AM 10-01-2020
Also, I'm pretty sure if milkman and Saccopoo have encountered each other in the afterlife, they're probably at each other's throats arguing about the offensive line.

The Branden Albert War in 2010 was quite epic.
BDj23 06:28 PM 10-04-2020
Originally Posted by Shiver Me Timbers:
Googled Chiefs Planet
The Dumbass Lounge front and center

Long live Milkman
If the shoe fits :-)
Rasputin 07:27 PM 10-30-2020
I can see milkman look at God then looking back down on all of us and current affairs in the World and when I say World I mean Merica' and then look back at God and say "Dumbass"
Riflemen 08:18 PM 01-10-2021
RIP Milkman. One of the best posters ever on CP. You were a brilliant football mind and hilarious in every other facet.


Black Bob
J Diddy 12:48 AM 02-09-2021
I see these names and it's hard to believe. You never made it til the Milkman called you a dumbass.

Rasputin 05:24 AM 02-10-2021

Wilsonsok 07:37 AM 05-20-2021
Damn. That tough RIP.
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