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Pitt Gorilla 03:13 PM 06-16-2020
Thought we could consolidate many of the new stories into one thread. Unfortunately, there's seemingly a new one every day.
AdolfOliverBush 11:36 AM 06-17-2020
Originally Posted by Bugeater:
This thread sure as hell isn't evidence of any sort of widespread problem either.

And who has stated that they don't believe it exists at all?
I don't know if anyone has explicitly stated that it doesn't exist at all, but some people will take the "that isn't racism" stance in any situation.
rabblerouser 12:19 PM 06-17-2020
Originally Posted by Marcellus:
You know what we don't have any factual evidence was race related? George Floyd's death. You know the one that started the largest race riots in this country in 50 years.
Pitt Gorilla 12:32 PM 06-17-2020
Wellington confrontation highlights racial tensions, prompts calls for change | Video

A video captures an unidentified man yelling at three teens, telling one, who is Black, “You do not deserve to be in here.”

WELLINGTON — A tense, racially charged exchange between teenagers and an unidentified man in a Wellington neighborhood on Sunday has resulted in a social media video and calls for change in the village.

“It’s not going away,” said Tony Nelson, 62, a 33-year Wellington resident — and a member of one of the village’s first Black families — whose granddaughter was seemingly targeted in the incident. “I can’t let it die. ... People aren’t understanding what’s going on.”

When his granddaughter, Breonna Nelson-Hicks, 15, burst through the front door Sunday, she was scared, Nelson said.

A man she didn’t know had followed her and her friends home. He was yelling at them, she told her grandfather.

The five teens were riding in a golf cart Sunday afternoon in the Nelsons’ Wellington neighborhood when the man began following them in his Toyota sedan, according to Nelson, the teens and a police report filed that afternoon.

The teens had crossed Lake Worth Road from one development, The Isles, to Grand Isles, where the Nelsons live. They stopped at the guard gate, then began driving to Breonna’s house.

That’s when the teens said the tailgating began. The car was too close to the golf cart, they said, and the boy driving the cart tried to pull to the side to allow the vehicle to pass them. The car stayed behind them, however, the driver glowering at the group, they said.

Frightened, the boys stopped the cart and ran. The three girls began walking the rest of the way to Breonna’s house.

But the car still followed.

As Breonna and her friends approached her house, the man stopped his car and began yelling, she later told her grandfather.

That’s when, like so many people being confronted in recent weeks, Breonna’s friend pulled out her cellphone and began recording.

The video lasts about a minute and a half. It documents what Nelson later would say “was not about the golf cart.”

“I don’t care if you take my picture ... because you don’t belong in this development,” the man yelled at Breonna, as heard in the video.

Breonna is Black. Her two friends are white. According to the video posted on social media and shared by Nelson with The Palm Beach Post, a tense verbal exchange then followed.

“What’s your name?” the man asked Breonna.

“I’m not telling you,” the girls replied.

“I live here,” Breonna said.

“OK, where do you live?” he asked.

“Why would I tell you any of this?” one of the girls said.

“OK, I’m going to call the gate and have you all arrested,” the man said, adding to Breonna, “You do not deserve to be in here.”

“OK,” one of the girls replied. “What did we even do wrong?”

The man turned to the woman who lives across the street from the Nelsons. Hearing the commotion, she had come outside and stood at the foot of her driveway.

“Seriously?” the man said to her. “I have to wait for five minutes while they’re strutting around in the road.”

That’s when Breonna suggested she go inside to get her grandfather. As she walked to her front door, the man appeared to begin to follow her.

“Yeah, bring him out right now, bring him out right now,” the man said.

The neighbor can be heard behind him speaking to the teens: “Just don’t argue, guys,” she said. “It’s not worth it.”

The teens thanked her and were met with more yells from the man.

“It is because you’re driving illegally,” the man said.

“OK, but you’re coming at 15-year-olds,” the girl holding the cellphone said.

“So you’re going to hit us with a car?” the other teen said.

“Because you’re 15 years old?” the man said. “You could marry in Mississippi or Alabama.”

The girls scoffed at this. As they began to reply, Nelson came out of his house and is then heard speaking to the man, who put up his hand as Nelson walked toward him.

“Don’t stick your hand out,” Nelson said. “Did you threaten a child?”

“I did not threaten, I did not threaten a child,” the man said, lowering his hands and beginning to back away.

“I have it on video,” the girl recording said.

Nelson told the girls to go inside, then asked to see the video.

That’s when the video stops.

In an interview with The Palm Beach Post on Tuesday, Nelson said he continued to speak to the man, who told Nelson he lived a couple of streets over.

“You threatened these kids,” Nelson said he told him again.

The man tried to defend his actions, Nelson said. He spoke about apologizing to the teens.

But Nelson said it was too late. The damage was done.

Breonna was “hysterical” when she ran into the house to get him, Nelson said.

“You were totally inappropriate and you scared the girls,” Nelson told him.

Nelson, whom Breonna lovingly calls “Lito” — short for “abuelito,” Spanish for grandfather — called the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to file a report.

So did the man. The Palm Beach Post has requested that report from PBSO. The man otherwise has not been identified.

The responding deputies were “very cordial, very polite,” Nelson said. They watched the video, shaking their heads.

The incident happened two days after Nelson, who has been a civic leader in Wellington, had talked with Village Manager Paul Schofield about getting more involved in the community.

With daily protests in Wellington and officials under fire, plus the added threat of the novel coronavirus, Wellington is facing tough times, Schofield said.

Nelson has been “a very positive force in the community,” Schofield said. Nelson was president of the Boys and Girls Club in Wellington for six years.

More recently, he stepped up in his role as chief operating officer of Premier Family Health in Wellington to help form a public-private partnership with the village and county to run a coronavirus test site at Village Park, Schofield said.

“Where we are at now is we need to listen to what our community is saying,” Schofield said.

That’s where Nelson would come in. When the two had spoken on Friday, Nelson said they discussed ways he could get more involved in the dialogue happening in Wellington.

“And then this happens in my driveway Sunday afternoon,” Nelson said, adding, “This can happen in Wellington.”

Breonna was in disbelief that this could happen in her community, where she has grown up.

Nelson told her, “Breonna, this could happen anywhere.”

He said it’s been too long since he was involved in the community.

After the man left, after the deputies left, Nelson admitted that he watched the video another 15 or 20 times.

“I got more and more angry,” he said.

Nelson wants to turn his anger into something productive.

“Shame on me if I just walk away because normally I have a comfortable life,” he said.
Marcellus 12:42 PM 06-17-2020
Originally Posted by AdolfOliverBush:
I don't know if anyone has explicitly stated that it doesn't exist at all, but some people will take the "that isn't racism" stance in any situation.
Not all situations but most are not driven by racism.

Thing is individual bias will never be eliminated no matter what you do, it hasnt happened anywhere on the planet.

The idea there is systematic racism in the US is laughable though. Yes it did exist before the equal rights movement but now laws are slanted in favor of minorities not against them.
GloryDayz 09:19 PM 06-17-2020
Originally Posted by Pitt Gorilla:
Woman caught on video yelling racial epithets at family in N.C.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS/CNN) - A video shows a woman yelling racial slurs at a family from Charlotte.
“She continued to say racial slurs to my face continue to call me n*** over and over and over again. It was the most blatant display of racism that I have ever experienced,” Aisha Sabur said.
Sabur said she and her family were visiting from Charlotte on their way to a birthday dinner when a woman, later identified as Rachel Ruit, started yelling racial slurs from behind them.

Another family member started recording while they all stood behind the camera.

“She wanted me to know that ‘if you touch me, I will call the police and you will be held accountable,’ and that’s a big part of why I didn’t lose my cool,” Sabur said.

Protesters already in that area took notice and tried to block Ruit from the family. In the video, it appears Ruit then began yelling racial slurs at them, too.

“I would have been raging at the woman if I was them,” protester Jacob Blair said. “She was filled with hate, rage and racism, and that’s it.”

Criminal defense attorney Joseph Bowman, who watched the video, said, “It’s outrageous that woman is trying to start a fight.”

He said although there is no hate speech law in North Carolina, in this type of situation, ethnic intimidation could be applied.

Defined as a misdemeanor, that occurs under North Carolina law when a person - because of race, color, religion, nationality or country - assaults or damages or defaces property of another person or threatens to do any of that.

Bowman said this could be used along with a variety of other misdemeanors in a case like this.
“The issue with disturbing the peace is, if it looks like you are trying to start a fight ... then you are trying to start a fight, and that’s the crime,” he said.

“It’s just another scenario where we have to be on edge,” said Justen Johnson, who is visiting from Charlotte.

The family said what happened shows why protests for racial justice should continue worldwide.

“All of us who were here, we were affirmed this is why we’re here,” Blair said.
Experts said the woman in that video could receive a maximum sentence of 60 days in jail.
^^^ Snowflake ^^^
Bump 09:24 PM 06-17-2020
any NBC articles about this? Doesn't fit the narrative, so no?

GloryDayz 09:25 PM 06-17-2020
Originally Posted by JohnnyHammersticks:
Hillary will have her sucided by a racist Chinese COVID bug.
GloryDayz 09:26 PM 06-17-2020
Originally Posted by RodeoPants2:
Donger would say she was lightly shoved, then just happened to fall over immediately afterwards.
Donger and that lady have better balance, physically and emotionally, than you.
Mizzou_8541 10:20 PM 06-17-2020
Damn. Pretty brutal beat down of PG. Hopefully this doesn’t drive him back to the lounge with his “Chief Fan” shit. That and fake racism is all he knows.
Pitt Gorilla 01:09 PM 06-22-2020

This proud bold hatred is born from a President who says “very fine people” on both sides. Sickening. And it’s in my state.

— Claire McCaskill (@clairecmc) June 22, 2020

Detoxing 01:21 PM 06-22-2020
1. Otter's thread about hispanics surely didn't get this sort of reaction from CP's right. Pretty much no friction in there at all.

2. The excuses and deflection is sad and predictable.

Yeah, maybe black folk do need to look at some issues introspectively. But white people are in every bit of denial too. Just look at this thread.

The guy is pointing out racism that still occurs in this country and all of you non-racists are here for nothing more than to deflect and shit on the thread and act as if these things don't happen.

Yeah, you're shitty people.
Pasta Little Brother 01:21 PM 06-22-2020
What an epic fail of a thread :-)
Detoxing 01:22 PM 06-22-2020
Originally Posted by Pitt Gorilla:
These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist These people do not exist
Detoxing 01:23 PM 06-22-2020
Originally Posted by Pasta Giant Meatball:
What an epic fail of a thread :-)
CP's conservatives are the only fail in this thread.
stevieray 01:24 PM 06-22-2020
Originally Posted by Detoxing:
CP's conservatives are the only fail in this thread.

don't spit on me bro!
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