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Nzoner's Game Room>CP Get together? 10/10 Bills game
burt 01:51 PM 05-22-2021
Okay, looks like 10-10 is gonna be the best available day for the most CP'ers. I have decided to have it at a Raytown Park so we don't have you yahoos traipsing through my humble abode. Alcohol IS allowed just no glass bottles. I have it narrowed down to a park less than 7 miles from the stadium, I just need to get one of the 2 reserved. I am going to check them out tomorrow.

I will provide a large cooler(or 2, subject to RSVP's), small grill, name tags, a fairly decent blue tooth speaker and, of course, my world famous chili. I will probably front y'all some all beef dogs and buns as well.

The shelter will cost me and I won't complain. BUT donations, requests, tips(actual advice) and RSVP's would be accepted graciously. No, I won't get you a rib eye!

Doors will open at noon and go to when y'all get the hell out or 20 minutes before kick off. Unless we figure out how to watch the game there in the shelter....


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burt 03:50 PM 10-15-2021
Originally Posted by lewdog:
Are you going by Bernice now?!?!
Seems to be a trend on here, but I sure don't want to be band wagon! Besides, I'd make a very ugly woman.
Raiderhater 07:10 PM 10-15-2021
Originally Posted by luv:
One picture? That's it? Where's the drunken tomfoolery (I was going to say debauchery, but, when looking it up to see if I was spelling it correctly, discovered it has a whole other meaning than what I thought)?

Credit to Raiderhader for the vintage CP t-shirt.
What did you think debauchery meant? And why would learning the actual definition dissuade you from using it in this case?

Some where I still have one of the old caps as well.
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