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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>We shouldn't sleep on John Ross.
Direckshun 10:50 AM 05-25-2023
I keep coming back to something, because I see in all these threads we are making assumptions about the approaching WR depth chart.


The above four are locks. I think we can agree that Justin Watson is not a lock but is close to one, as the Chiefs love the depth he offers and his special teams work as well.

The Chiefs will carry 6 WRs on the roster, maybe 7, and the talents left are:And John Ross.

To remind all of you, Justin Ross is 27 years old, was drafted 9th overall by the Bengals in 2017. Prior to that, he set the Combine record for the 40 yard dash, running a 4.22, including an elite 1.49 10-yard split (only two receivers beat that split at the Combine this year, and -- oddly enough -- Rashee Rice actually tied that).

Ross went on to be a colossal bust, recording exactly one touch his rookie season, which he fumbled. He has battled injuries and a decent Bengals depth chart to record 62 receptions for 957 yards in his career so far, recording a completion on merely 43% of his targets. He's also recorded three fumbles, which means 5% of his touches, he's fumbling. He was a Giant for the 2021 season, and spent the 2022 season out of football until the Chiefs signed him in January.

This is a pretty grisly career, but I think he's got a chance to be a sleeper for the Chiefs roster, but only if the Chiefs choose to roster 7 WRs -- which they rarely do, especially when they have four TEs already that they really like.

Ross may be worth the 7th slot, however.Now, I don't think John Ross can replicate even what Mecole Hardman did.

But ask yourself: can he replicate what De'Anthony Thomas did? I think the answer to that is yes.

I think he's a wild gamble, and as such I wouldn't take him over Richie James for the #6 spot. But hey, if the Chiefs elect to roster a 7th WR, he's got an advantage over the other WRs in that there is a clear need that, in theory, he alone can fill at this time.
royr17 04:19 AM 06-05-2023
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
According to the NFL, Dexter ran a 4.58 at the combine in the 40 at 172 pounds and De'Anthony was a 4.5 at 174 pounds. With those speeds, you need to be about 75 pounds heavier.;ant...7-1e2e24294c99
Check out their pro days
RaidersOftheCellar 08:00 AM 06-05-2023
Originally Posted by Detoxing:
Mahomes took a subtle dig at Hardman when complimenting Rice. Or maybe im reading too much into it and he was referencing other guys, but....

To paraphrase, he something to the tune of, "He knows where to be and get open, unlike guys we've had in the past who were really fast and could fly all over the field but didn't know where to be etc".

Again, not his exact words, but pretty close and really felt like he was talking about Hardman.
Doesn't even sound that subtle, honestly. :-)

I'm surprised he'd say that.
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