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View Poll Results: Who do YOU think the Chiefs really wanted in the 1st?
Felix Anudike-Uzomah 0 0%
Mazi Smith 6 27.27%
Zay Flowers 5 22.73%
Anton Harrison 9 40.91%
They were not zeroing in on anybody in particular 1 4.55%
Some other player 1 4.55%
Voters: 22. You may not vote on this poll
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Direckshun 07:38 PM 05-19-2023
We’ve had multiple rumors floating around about who the Chiefs were REALLY targeting in the first.

Mazi Smith
Zay Flowers
Felix Anudike-Uzomah

I haven’t seen any reporting that who the Chiefs REALLY wanted was Anton Harrison, but it has to be true, right? Shortly after the draft they sign Donovan Smith, implying they were interested in drafting a left tackle.

Harrison is a natural left tackle, is a valuable OU lineman, which we know the Chiefs covet, and he was actually drafted by an Andy Reid disciple in Jacksonville.

So what say you? Who were the Chiefs REALLY after in the 1st?
gordonelloyd 08:29 AM 05-20-2023
I don’t understand why they couldn’t have treated up to get Harrison.
Direckshun 12:39 PM 05-20-2023
Originally Posted by gordonelloyd:
I donít understand why they couldnít have treated up to get Harrison.
The logic suggests they were trying to, but didnít want to give up the chance to get Rice to get him.
Chief Roundup 02:21 PM 05-20-2023
Broderick Jones