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Direckshun 10:12 AM 05-18-2023
This kinda stuff always fascinates me.


No team spends more on QB than the Chiefs. They spend the most, by far, at $42.5m. Second is the Titans at $37.8m, lol. The Lions at $34.4m, the Cowboys at $30.0m and the Giants at $29.4m are next.

Other teams:
Raiders (6th) $27.1m
Broncos (7th) $26.8m
Ravens (8th) $26.2m
Bills (13th) $20.8m
Bengals (18th for now) $13.4m
Chargers (23rd for now) $10.5m
Eagles (24th) $9.8m absolutely criminal
Buccaneers (32nd) $4.2m


Chiefs are near the bottom of the league in RB spending, 27th, at $7.1m.

Nobody spends more in the league than the Cowboys at $31.4m, which is first by a damn mile. The Cowboys spend more on RB than every team in the NFL spends at QB this year except for three teams! (The Cowboys are also 4th in QB spending, so lots of money in that backfield.) The Vikings are 2nd at $21.3m. Titans 3rd at $21.1m, the Raiders 4th at $20.0m. The Browns 5th at $18.4m.

Other teams:
Bengals (6th) $17.2m
Chargers (11th) $13.3m
Bills (17th) $11.2m
Broncos (18th) $10.6m
Eagles (26th) $7.9m
Rams (32nd) $4.5m


The Chiefs are unsurprisingly on the bottom half of the league in WR spending, at $22.5m.

The Cardinals are 1st by a mile at WR, and I mean wow, at $53.4m. The Broncos, crazily enough are 2nd at $44.0m. The Raiders are next at $43.4m. The Jaguars are 4th at $41.5m. And the Buccaneers are 5th at $41.5m.

Other teams:
Chargers (10th) $35.5m
Bills (14th) $30.9m
Bengals (16th for now) $30.6m
Eagles (20th) $23.1m
Packers (32nd) $8.6m wow lmao


The Chiefs are near the top of the league as you may expect in TE pay, given that we employ the GOAT. Chiefs come in 4th at $19.5m.

Top of the order are the 49ers, who come in at $23.6m. The Patriots are 2nd at $21.6m, which is surprisingly because I don't think I can name a single Patriots tight end. The Seahawks are 3rd at $19.6m. And the Ravens are 5th at $18.0m.

Other teams:
Chargers (12th) $13.1m
Eagles (16th) $12.1m
Bills (18th) $10.5m
Broncos (21st) $8.1m
Bengals (24th) $6.5m
Raiders (25th) $6.5m
Lions (32nd) $4.3m


Chiefs get outstanding value of their OL right now: a top 8 OL in talent, but they only pay 15th in positional spending there, at $44.2m.

The Texans are way out in front at $65.9m. The Lions are next at $61.9m. The Falcons are third at $61.0m, with the Bengals coming in 4th at $58.1m. The Browns are 5th at $57.1m.

Other teams:
Bills (10th) $47.7m
Eagles (12th) $47.2m
Broncos (21st) $41.9m
Raiders (24th) $39.5m
Chargers (28th) $33.0m
Seahawks (32nd) $21.6m they hate you Geno


The Chiefs cut Frank Clark because he took up too much money. After cutting him.... the Chiefs remain in the top 10 in DL spending, 8th overall at $49.6m.

The Commanders come in first at $65.9m, inching out the 49ers who come in at $65.4m. The Bengals are third at $63.7m. The Browns are high again at $52.9m, with the Giants in 5th at $52.8m.

Other teams:
Raiders (6th) $52.7m
Bills (7th) $50.7m
Eagles (12th) $42.2m
Broncos (22nd) $29.8m
Chargers (23rd) $29.4m
Buccaneers (32nd) $15.4m


Only thing I'll say here -- since 3-4 teams sometimes call their edge rushers linebackers, so this chart isn't very revealing -- is that the Chiefs are 29th in the league in linebacker pay, at $10.7m.


The Chiefs are 20th in secondary spending, which is not super surprising, at $35.0m.

The Bills are comfortably #1 in the league in secondary spending, at $58.5m. The Dolphins are 2nd at $54.2m. The Seahawks are unsurprisingly third, at $52.0m. The Jets are 4th at an even $50.0m. The Chargers round out the top five at $48.8.

Other teams:
Broncos (12th) $40.3m
Eagles (24th) $31.8m
Bengals (26th) $30.4m
Raiders (30th) $24.5m and it shows
Rams (32nd) $16.2m lmao
Direckshun 10:13 AM 05-18-2023
The Chiefs are third in the league in special teams spending, at $9.1m.
JPH83 01:28 PM 05-18-2023
Very interesting, thanks as ever. Our WR spending is really the outlier for me. Amazing we've got away with it