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RunKC 11:54 AM 05-07-2023
Apparently we are projected to get 2 for Juju and Wylie

Projected Compensatory Picks for the 2024 Draft:#Bills - One in 3rd Round#49ers - Two 3rds, Two in 5th, One in 6th#Eagles - One in 3rd, Two in 5th, One in 6th#Jaguars - One in 3rd, One in 6th#Saints - Two in 4th, One in 6th#Ravens - One in 4th#Cardinals - One in 4th…

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) May 7, 2023

So that would give us 9 draft picks.


More picks to play with. Gotta love it
Dante84 12:03 PM 05-07-2023
Gonna need a lot of ammo to trade up MHJ or Bowers :-)
staylor26 12:48 PM 05-07-2023
The Chiefs having all those extra day 3 picks every year is like a cheat code.
BossChief 01:52 PM 05-07-2023
I bet both will be used to trade up like this year.

This roster is well past the time where it needs volume in draft picks and more toward quality of picks. There just aren’t a lot of roster spots held by guys that don’t deserve it anymore.

So Veach has been going to get his guys and it’s worked out pretty damn well.
Pitt Gorilla 03:12 PM 05-10-2023
Niners continuing to dominate the third round comp hiring picks.
Buehler445 10:09 PM 05-10-2023
Originally Posted by Pitt Gorilla:
Niners continuing to dominate the third round comp hiring picks.
That’s probably good. They’re still puking up firsts and seconds for the QB they traded up to get and now are trying to get rid of.