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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>2022 Draft: Who should we be watching on Saturdays?
Dante84 10:30 AM 10-07-2021
Admittedly, I don't really dig in deep on college football players until the season ends. For me, there's just too much noise, too many teams, too many players to really gauge anything beyond the obvious 1st round guys, especially when my attention is already super invested in the Chiefs & NFL.

That said, as I watch the Chiefs, my interest in thinking about our next draft gets me excited, so much to the point that I'm interested in carving out time mid-week (Wednesdays?) to try and watch some highlights.

So, who are you watching that would be a good fit for this roster next season? First round talent is great, but also some under the radar guys would be cool to get an early jump on.
KChiefs1 03:55 PM 10-15-2021
I want a RB that doesnít go down without a fight.

When defenders wrap up the RB, the play doesnít end there for the running back. Instead, he always keeps his feet moving at a rapid pace, demonstrating his incredible balance and footwork even with defenders on his back. The RB needs to excels at racking up yards after initial contact, a key attribute. He doesnít fumble either. Ball security is crucial for running backs and itís a technique that the RB has seemingly mastered. His combination of breaking tackles and expert ball security is a desirable one, because many young running backs often expose the ball while driving their legs in attempt to gain extra yards.

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Tribal Warfare 12:05 AM Yesterday
Breece Hall & Brian Robinson should get a look too
kccrow 12:14 AM Yesterday
Thought I'd throw Travon Walker, DE, Georgia into the convo for 1st round potential. Maybe the SEC guys that really watch Georgia can weigh in more but I think he's interesting. Like all Georgia guys, he doesn't really know how to use his hands but that get-off and strength are outstanding. He could be a sneaky good end-of-round pick that needs some coaching but has most of what you want in a 4-3 end. He's a JR, like most of the pass rush talent this year, so we'll see if he declares.
bsp4444 07:02 AM Today
Originally Posted by Urc Burry:
I canít justify a rb before round 3

Our biggest need on offense is a YAC receiver. With everyone playing 2 deep and taking away our deep game, we need a receiver who can consistently when off the press and turn 5 yard receptions into 15+ yard gainers

Donít even know where to begin on defense. DT, DE, linebacker, safetyÖ you name it
While I agree with this, when was the last time you saw a quick slant to the wr? That play would work perfectly, but Mahomes only throws to Kelce here.
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