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The Gonzo Lounge>Arrowhead sign removed from the stadium
BigRedChief 10:17 PM 07-16-2021
The Arrowhead sign that everyone takes a picture with from the parking lot has been removed from the top of the stadium.

They are putting up some GHEA sign?
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flinchfree 08:19 PM 07-26-2021
Originally Posted by TribalElder:
Society needs to kill off this cancel culture bullshit

it had it's run, now let it go

everyone is offended by something
You want to explain how practicing cancel culture to cancel cancel culture isn't just perpetuating cancel culture on an issue YOU have a problem with?:-)
kevrunner 09:19 PM 07-26-2021
Originally Posted by BigRedChief:
No one outside of the Chiefs and their fans know anything about the origin of the name.

The pressure will come from other places and telling them about Bartle and the origin wont matter.
I thought BARTLE got his nickname “Chief” from when he was a young adult and was leader of a group that pretended to be Indians from the “Mic O Say” organization in 1925, which was similar to the Boys Scouts of America. Don’t think they called him Chief for being the mayor, he got that nickname years before that.

“Bartle claimed he was inducted into a local tribe of the Arapaho people and according to another “traditional Mic-O-Say legend,” Bartle was also given the name Lone Bear by an Arapaho Chief. Thus he went by the name Chief Lone Bear in his Mic-O-Say organization.
GloryDayz 09:55 PM 07-26-2021
Originally Posted by flinchfree:

The last people to know that THEY are actually the minority on the sinking ship yelling But But But gurgle gurgle.

Football has an ever re-newing demographic which overwhelmingly takes it's majority views from the contemporaneous societal one. Being a dick to others just isn't a pass any longer. It's been a steady change of messaging that just aint coming back, regardless of how much you enjoyed it.
People 40 and under have very different relationships to eachother and expectations of behavior to the redneck fossils on this forum.

Being butthurt on here does nothing to change that.
Enjoy the game itself and the fact your team and it's colors are having a successful period, or stick to cornhole.
flinchfree 11:13 PM 07-26-2021
Originally Posted by GloryDayz:
You have to NOT embrace being a redneck fossil for it to be a problem.
Yet to see that on here.:-)

Joking of course. If you don't use the obligatory salty affectations on this site you just aint trying to fit in.
Also, I'm 52.
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