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The Gonzo Lounge>So you think you know Chiefs pass rushers?
Rain Man 10:36 PM 07-19-2021
As you undoubtedly know, sacks became an official NFL statistic in 1982. Before that year, we have nothing but legend and mystery.

However, Pro football reference now says that they went back to 1960 and did research to build sack stats back to that year for the NFL. So if you trust those numbers, we now ostensibly have sack statistics for the entire Chiefs' history.

The data is behind a paywall, but fortunately so am I. So let's test your knowledge. I'll post questions periodically and let's see how Chiefsplanet answers them.

Note: all data refers to players' careers with the Chiefs only. If someone comes from another team or goes to another team, their stats on those teams don't count. It's the Chiefs, the whole Chiefs, and nothing but the Chiefs.

Question #1 is easy. List the top ten Chiefs in terms of career sacks.
Rain Man 01:14 PM 07-24-2021
1962's sack leaders

Mel Branch 5.5
E.J. Holub 4.5
Jerry Mays 4.5
Paul Rochester 2.5
Sherrill Headrick 2.5

All-time leaderboard as of 1962

Mel Branch 19
Paul Rochester 15
Smokey Stover 10.5
Paul Miller 10
E.J. Holub 8

Mel Branch and Paul Rochester continue cementing their legacy, but EJ Holub and Jerry Mays are consistently producing.
Titty Meat 09:08 PM 07-24-2021
No R-Kal Trulock???
cdcox 12:53 AM 07-25-2021
The conflagration of Mel Blount (DB Steelers) with Cliff Branch (WR Raiders) into Chiefs pass rusher extraordinaire Mel Branch is triggering early onset Alzheimers. I feel like I am remembering things I don't actually remember.
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