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Rausch 03:58 PM 07-12-2021
In short it's a Godzilla Anime. Oddly enough the 1st.


Animation: A-
Story: D-
Characters: D
Moster-to-Human ratio: D

Looks beautiful, voice acting not bad, story was dumb as shit. No Godzilla until series midway point. Do not recommend....
Bowser 04:09 PM 07-12-2021
Noted. Thanks for taking that bullet for the rest of us.
BWillie 09:14 PM 07-12-2021
Make it stop.
Deberg_1990 09:30 PM 07-12-2021

Think I’ll watch Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous instead.
Rausch 04:04 PM 07-14-2021
Originally Posted by Deberg_1990:

Think Iíll watch Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous instead.
One bad choice should not lead to another...
morphius 02:26 PM 07-19-2021
Most of the Godzilla animation movies on netflix are only worth watching if you feel like it is time to just lower the bar on what you are willing to watch for a while, 'cause most everything seems "not so bad" after those.

Without shows this bad I might have missed great movies like Tucker and Dale vs Evil, lol.
SAGA45 10:53 PM 07-19-2021
Originally Posted by Rausch:
In short it's a Godzilla Anime. Oddly enough the 1st..
It's not the first. There's a trilogy of Godzilla anime films from 2017-2018 that was much better in my opinion. Singular Point was super heavy on quantum physics. The trilogy was more of a science and technology vs nature and religion premise but featured FAR more action.

Part I: Planet of the Monsters
Part II: City on the Edge of Battle
Part III: The Planet Eater

They can be found with a quick search on Netflix.
Tribal Warfare 04:34 AM 07-23-2021
The Godzilla Kaiju is closer to Matthew Broderick's Zilla back in the 90's