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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>coronavirus compliance used to forward the Stasi State
Merde Furieux 03:34 PM 04-10-2020
Comrades, the ministry of coronavirus compliance is making it easy to be a good state citizen. If you spot a non-compliant citizen participating in life without adhering to the dictates of the state, there’s now mobile APP’s for quick snitching. Comrade citizens are now able to take a picture of the non-compliant behavior (citizen spotted outdoors, not wearing a mask, unauthorized gatherings etc), upload the picture to the state ministry, and the state compliance division will dispatch local enforcement teams to correct the non-compliant behavior, or remove the citizen.
Chiefs4TheWin 06:34 PM 04-11-2020
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
Everyone ≠ One or two people
Feels like more lol. None the less ill concede your point.
CarlosCarson27 06:39 PM 04-11-2020
More stupidity from Pasadena California
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Merde Furieux 03:02 PM 04-12-2020
SuperBowl4 06:44 PM 04-12-2020
Originally Posted by AdolfOliverBush:
Taco John level garbage.
:-) said AdoltOliverBush
CarlosCarson27 10:05 PM 04-12-2020
Originally Posted by Merde Furieux:
Being on Tmz, makes it all the more fake.
Merde Furieux 11:15 AM 04-13-2020
Cops smash in someone's door, suspected of social gathering
Just Passin' By 12:02 PM 04-13-2020
Coming soon the the U.S.A.


Merde Furieux 12:12 PM 04-14-2020

There’s nothing like a crisis to bring clarity. The response of some mayors and governors to the coronavirus pandemic in recent days has made it clear they think they have unlimited and arbitrary power over their fellow citizens, that they can order them to do or not do just about anything under the guise of protecting public health.

We’ve now witnessed local and state governments issue decrees about what people can and cannot buy in stores, arrest parents playing with their children in public parks, yank people off public buses at random, remove basketball rims along with private property, ticket churchgoers, and in one case try—and fail—to chase down a lone runner on an empty beach.
Just Passin' By 04:08 PM 04-14-2020

Protesting is a non-essential activity.

— Raleigh Police (@raleighpolice) April 14, 2020

What part of the governor’s order was violated here?

— Thos. (@thmsftz) April 14, 2020

This one is not going to end well for the Raleigh PD
Merde Furieux 11:06 AM 04-16-2020
Dozens of Cops in Tactical Gear ‘Aggressively’ Show Up At California Church on Easter, Pastor Now Facing Fine or Up To Six Months in Jail
CarlosCarson27 04:39 PM 04-16-2020
He put his entire congregation in jeopardy,” Warnke said. “By putting them in jeopardy, one person could have showed up, not known they’re infected and infected the entire congregation

Yeah, like all those other times one person had the flu and gave it to 200 other people all at once.
What a load of stupidity.
Merde Furieux 06:26 AM 04-17-2020
Administrator Meicher’s update stated that, “It was brought to my attention today that there was a rumor floating out there that one of our students contracted Covid-19 while on the band trip to Florida two weeks ago. Let me assure you there is NO truth to this. This was a foolish means to get attention and the source of the rumor has been addressed. This rumor had caught the attention of our Public Health Department and she was involved in putting a stop to this nonsense. In times like this, the last thing we need out there is misinformation. I asked her to prepare a short statement for the purpose of this update. I’ve pasted it below.”

A petty bureaucrat in the school doesn’t want bad stats, so he is able to get the police to threaten the parents of the student with arrest for the student posting “thought crimes” on Instagram. Nice.

Sue the f’n school. Sue the f’n police dept that is apparently too complicit with the city to even have a dim thought about constitutionally protected rights. Sue all the MFers.
CarlosCarson27 09:11 PM 04-17-2020
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Just Passin' By 01:02 PM 04-18-2020
Originally Posted by :
New Jersey Woman Charged With Plotting to Violate Governor's Stay-at-Home Order

The New Jersey woman who helped organize and film a protest in the state capitol of Trenton against Governor Phil Murphy's stay-at-home orders was charged by the state police with violating the emergency decrees. The information comes to us via a press release from the state's attorney general, Gurbir S. Grewal and Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

But NJ, like so many other states run by the Dems, will still be voting these people back in.
Just Passin' By 01:18 PM 04-18-2020

De Blasio likens Trump’s comments to a 'third-world dictator'

— POLITICO (@politico) October 20, 2016

How do you report places that aren’t enforcing social distancing? It’s simple: just snap a photo and text it to 311-692. #AskMyMayor

— Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) April 18, 2020

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