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Buck 07:05 PM 03-20-2012
There is a great thread in the lounge about Books in general, but to be honest, all I really want to read is Sci-Fi (including post-apocalyptic), and Fantasy.

In this OP I will compile every poster's top 3 Fantasy/SciFi suggestions if they give me them. I will try to keep the posters in alphabetical order in case you want to find someone's suggestions easier.


Baby Lee
1. Fritz Lieber's Swords Against series.
2. George R.R. Martin's SoIaF series [no brainer that will probably make tons of other lists]
3. Umberto Eco, Foucalt's Pendulum [a little more obscure/forgotten to make up for GRRM]

1.Raymond Feist - Riftwar Saga
2.Terry Brooks - Shannara series (starting with the Knight of the Word books)
3.Tad Williams - Memory, Sorrow and Thorn

(1) Dune - Frank Herbert
(2) The Stand - Stephen King (1000+ page unabridged)
(3) Starship Troopers - Robert A. Heinlein (checkout the song by Yes, too. lots of great bass)

1. "Book of the Long Sun" by Gene Wolfe
2. "Paradise War" by Stephen R Lawhead
3. "The Dragonbone Chair" by Tad Williams

1. Edgar Rice Burroughs, any series
2. Robert Heinlein, everything he has written in chronological order (but read Starship Troopers first)
3. Doc Smith's Lensman series

1. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 1, 2A & 2B books are a gold mine for sampling the evolution of sci-fi. (below)
2.The Nebula Awards and Hugo Awards (selected yearly, pick a year)
3. Years Best SF Annual publication, pick any volume from 1 to the current volume 17
See Post 142
pr_capone 08:08 PM 03-20-2012
Enders Game by Orson Scott Card (they are making a movie about it and I am fucking pumped)
jiveturkey 08:15 PM 03-20-2012
Wool series by Hugh Howey (post apocalyptic)
Renewal series by JF Perkins (PA)
Sisters of Glass by DW St John (sci-fi)
Enders Game + series by Orson Scott Card (sci-fi)
Temporary Duty by Ric Locke (sci-fi)

These are just a few from my recent Kindle list. 90% of what I read comes from these two categories.
Buck 08:24 PM 03-20-2012
Originally Posted by pr_capone:
Enders Game by Orson Scott Card (they are making a movie about it and I am fucking pumped)
Ender's Game is one of my favorite Sci-Fi books, shit, who doesn't have that in the list of their top sci-fi books.

Anyways, here are some ones that I've read recently, or am reading that I want to recommend, and I'd also like some recommendations given to me based on this.

Recent Favorites:
-Cat's Cradle / Breakfast of Champions (sorta sci-fi) / Slapstick - All by Kurt Vonnegut
-Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
-Rendevous with Rama - Arthur C. Clarke

Currently Reading:
-World War Z - Max Brooks
-I Am Legend - Richard Matheson

Upcoming Reads (books I have recently purchased to read):
-Magician: Apprentice - Raymond E. Feist
-Wool - Hugh Howey
-The Road - Cormac McCarthy
-American Gods - Neil Gaiman
-The Stand - Stephen King
-John Dies at the End - David Wong (this one is more horror I think)

Next Up (books I plan on purchasing soon):
-Magician: Master / Silverthorn / A Darkness at Sethanon - Raymond E. Feist (that's the rest of the Riftwar Saga after Magician: Apprentice Above)
-Mistborn Series: The Final Empire / The Well of Ascension / The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson
-On the Beach - Nevil Shute

Some I've Heard about, but don't know yet:
-A Game of Thrones Series - George R.R. Martin
-I, Robot - Isaac Asimov (never read any of his stuff)
-The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
-11/22/63 - Stephen King

I think that this list gives a pretty clear indication of stuff I like, and the kind of stuff I want to read. There are many more books I've heard about, but don't know yet, there's just not enough room to fill them all out.

I'm ready for suggestions.
jiveturkey 08:29 PM 03-20-2012
Robopocalypse is similar to World War Z
The Renewal series would fit in with The Road and Wool
Buck 08:35 PM 03-20-2012
Originally Posted by jiveturkey:
Robopocalypse is similar to World War Z
The Renewal series would fit in with The Road and Wool
I forgot that my friend literally just lent me Robopocalypse. I was really digging World War Z in the beginning, but it's gotten boring. When they were talking about the actual breakout and the "War" it was cool, but once I hit about 30% in they started talking about Zombie, National, and Foreign Policy, it's started to get boring.

I hope it picks back up. I don't really care about the movie star who used his celebrity to film the last major Zombie battle to raise the moral of the people.

Anyways, some others that I have picked up recently, but I don't know how soon I'll read them.

-The Dig - Michael Siemsen
-Rex Rising - Chrystalla Thoma

Also I guess I actually bought The Stand. I shouldn't operate my kindle late at night. I'm buying shit that I don't even know about lol. I almost bought the paperback today, not even knowing that I bought it on Kindle last night.
Dartgod 08:38 PM 03-20-2012
I used to read a lot, but now just never seem to have time (outside of the crapper anyway).

Some of those suggestions look pretty good, Buck. Maybe I should post less and read a

BTW, you'll love The Stand. One of my all time favorites.
Buck 08:41 PM 03-20-2012
Does anyone have a suggestion on which Asimov book I should read first, if I were to read one?
jiveturkey 08:42 PM 03-20-2012
A lot of what I find is recommended by my Kindle. I don't know what I would do without it.
Buck 08:45 PM 03-20-2012
Originally Posted by jiveturkey:
A lot of what I find is recommended by my Kindle. I don't know what I would do without it.
I wouldn't know about Wool, Rex Rising, The Dig, I Am Legend, I, Robot, etc if it weren't for my kindle. Fucking love this thing.

Which one do you have?

I have the 3rd generation one with the free 3G.
patteeu 09:25 PM 03-20-2012
Last sci-fi/fantasy books I read were the first two hunger games books. Pretty mediocre, but I'll probably finish the trilogy and I think the movie might be a decent one to see with the family.
Lex Luthor 09:32 PM 03-20-2012
I highly recommend a couple of books by "the dean of science fiction", Robert A. Heinlein: Methuselah's Children and Starship Troopers. If you decide you like Heinlein, there are many more.
JD10367 09:42 PM 03-20-2012
For Asimov star with "I, Robot". Then I'd move on to the Elijah Bailey detective novels ("Caves of Steel", "Naked Sun", "Robots of Dawn"). I hear the Foundation series is also good but haven't read it.

I'm a big fan of Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern, which starts with "Dragonflight", "Dragonquest", and "The White Dragon".

I also like Terry Brooks and his watered-down Tolkienish post-apocalyptic earth in the Shannara series (Sword, Elfstones, Wishsong, and then more) and his Magic Kingdom of Landover series.

Terry Goodkind's "Wizard's First Rule" and "Stone of Tears" are excellent, but then his series bogs town for me.
WV 09:59 PM 03-20-2012
Not terribly into Sci Fi, but my obvious favorite along with just about everyone else is the LOTR series and I did enjoy Kings Gunslinger series.
duncan_idaho 10:00 PM 03-20-2012
I would highly recommend:

Ender's Game (and ensuing sequels). Some of the best stuff I've ever read, as a few have noted.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (the first two books are slow, but they are quick reads and if you get past them, the series REALLY pays off).

The first trilogy of S.M. Stirling's "Dies the Fire" series. Pretty cool post-apocalyptic stuff.
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