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Dante84 10:42 AM 04-14-2021
Could be a nice mid-round WR to keep an eye on.

5th year Senior, finally broke out last year.

Kellerfox 01:12 PM 04-14-2021
STRENGTHS: Average height, but owns a muscular physique...well-timed eyes and hands at the catch point, naturally finding the football out of his breaks...athletic adjustments, flipping his shoulders to frame the ball...strong to the football to pluck-and-go...understands timing and hesitation as a route-runner to set-up defenders...smooth footwork to transition mid-route and minimize wasted steps...tracks the ball well downfield (responsible for four receptions of 50-plus yards in 2020)...uses lateral quickness to shake press...tougher than your average receiver, picking up extra yards with his finishing attitude...physical, NFL-ready blocker...Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney called Powell’s practice habits “night-and-day” improved from his underclassmen years.

WEAKNESSES: Runs with loud steps and lacks the suddenness to uncover on command...there is some build-up to his deep speed and won’t run away from NFL cornerbacks...not a make-you-miss athlete...needs to do a better job running routes to proper depth...guilty of extending his arms and pushing off defensive backs, drawing attention from officials...wasn’t a proven weapon in the red zone (five catches, two touchdowns in the red zone in 2020)...required time to mature and move up the Clemson depth chart...only one season of starting production at the college level.

SUMMARY: A one-year starter at Clemson, Powell emerged as a starting outside receiver as a senior in offensive coordinator Tony Elliott’s shotgun spread scheme. Over his first four years on campus, he found himself buried on the depth chart (behind future NFL receivers like Mike Williams, Hunter Renfrow, Deon Cain, Tee Higgins and others), but he matured as a senior (Dabo Swinney: “Cornell’s worked his tail off and grown up”) and had a breakout season in 2020, joining Sammy Watkins and DeAndre Hopkins as the only players in school history with 150-plus receiving yards in back-to-back games. Powell is a physical presence downfield and very skilled on back-shoulder throws, displaying smooth body control and strong hands. While coordinated as an athlete, NFL cornerbacks won’t be threatened by his deep speed and should be able to squat on his breaks. Overall, Powell isn’t an explosive route runner, but he is a top-flight competitor with balanced athleticism and plus ball skills to make in-air adjustments look routine. He projects as a potential Mohamed Sanu-like weapon.

Dane Brugler’s projection: 4th or 5th round
Dante84 01:16 PM 04-14-2021
Reminds me of If Conley & DRob were morphed into one WR. Not sure if that says anything one way or the other, but that’s what was in my head when watching the video.
PurpleJesus28 11:11 PM 04-14-2021
Call me crazy but i think he looks as good if not better than the Chiefs current player wearing # 17. Just doesnt have world class speed,obviously.
kccrow 12:55 AM 04-15-2021
Definitely a guy I wouldn't mind on day 3 as a developmental. Anytime before that is an absolute no-go for me.
iSavedLatin 01:01 AM 04-15-2021
I'm glad you posted this, Dante. I really like both Clemson receivers, Powell and Amari Rodgers. Powell is thick, tracks the ball very well, and is a nightmare to bring down. He blocks well and has become committed to developing his game. Powell reminds me of Pringle, actually. He's got more bulk and a bit less juke to his game, but brings a workman like effort to the field and can make some plays.

I'm guessing both Powell and Rodgers lack the quickness and burst that the Chiefs covet so we likely won't see them in KC. I do think it's possible they could carve out good NFL careers in the right system. Rodgers hasn't proven he can play out wide consistently and Powell doesn't seem to have that elite athleticism Reid expects from the position, but it wouldn't break my heart to see them as Chiefs.
Dante84 10:47 AM 04-15-2021
Originally Posted by kccrow:
Definitely a guy I wouldn't mind on day 3 as a developmental. Anytime before that is an absolute no-go for me.
Yep, could possibly be a good selection for round 5/6, although there's plenty of other guys I like at the WR position for those rounds as well.
Chargem 06:49 AM 04-16-2021
Picked him up in the mock draft in round 6, can't remember where I heard about him but agree he's a great late round developmental prospect.
Dante84 01:36 PM 05-01-2021
Hell yeah
Bowser 10:56 AM 05-02-2021
Nice call :-)