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staylor26 10:25 PM 04-27-2021
58. Payton Turner, EDGE, Houston- perfect marriage of scheme fit, BPA, and need here. The closer we get, the more it feels like the Chiefs might need some luck for Turner to even make it to 58, but I think he does. With his length and athleticism, I think Turner is a perfect fit at LE for Spags.

63. Elijah Molden, CB, Washington- It appears that the Chiefs are looking for a corner that can play inside so that they can move Sneed outside. Molden, whos often compared to Tyrann Mathieu, gives the Chiefs a starting day 1 NB allowing Sneed to take over at RCB and Mathieu to be the ultimate chess piece that he is.

144. Robert Hainsey, C/OG, Notre Dame- Blythe, Long, Wylie, and Rankin will all be free agents after the season. The Chiefs will take a versatile interior offensive lineman at some point of this draft. Early on day 3 is my guess and Hainsey could be your starting C or RG in 2022.

175. Josh Imatorbhebhe, WR, Illinois- Great size and athleticism. If the Chiefs were to miss out on a WR early, Id prefer they take a high upside guy on day 3. Veach sounds like hes targeting a WR in the middle rounds, and Im sure hed be drooling over a guy like Imatorbhebhe at this point of the draft.

181. Darrick Forrest, S, Cincinnati- The Chiefs could really use depth at safety and Forrest gives them somebody with versatility. He should easily beat out Watts for a roster spot and give the Chiefs an upgrade at their 4th safety spot.

207. Buddy Johnson, LB, Texas A&M- Johnson doesnt quite play like his measurables would lead you to believe, but hes still got the kind of athleticism at the MLB position that the Chiefs would take a shot on with their last pick. He could potentially be the future replacement for Hitchens.
Chris Meck 11:02 PM 04-28-2021

Maybe someone like Chris Evans at #207.
[Reply] 07:55 AM 04-29-2021
Get one in UDFA.

RB's are easily found and replaced.
In58men 08:03 AM 04-29-2021
We have 4 RBs already CEH, Williams, Thompson and McGuire.

Still not sure what we’re doing with Bell
Chris Meck 09:24 AM 04-29-2021
Originally Posted by In58men:
We have 4 RBs already CEH, Williams, Thompson and McGuire.

Still not sure what were doing with Bell
we're not doing anything with Bell.

I'm 90% sure that we grabbed him to keep him away from Pittsburgh, as they were still undefeated at the time and looked like they might be our biggest hurdle. He was never a fit here as a runner, and was not likely to be able to digest the entire playbook well enough on the fly to be an asset in the passing game or protection.
The Franchise 01:13 PM 05-01-2021
It’s down to one player.
[Reply] 10:53 AM 05-02-2021
Originally Posted by
Well it's shitty
Called it
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