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Nzoner's Game Room>***** Official '23/'24 KU Men's Basketball Repository Thread *****
cmh6476 02:01 PM 04-10-2023
The Team:

The Schedule:
Chiefspants 10:22 PM 05-03-2023
Sources do exist in Lawrence. It's a chatty town.

When I catered the donors box during football games, I suddenly became very privy to a lot of what was going on in KU Athletics. The dry campus rules apparently didn't apply up there, and the drinks started flowing once it was blowout time.

That was 2015. The year we went 0-12. So the alcohol (among other things) could be found aplenty.
SithCeNtZ 04:19 AM 05-04-2023
Originally Posted by BWillie:
Just bizarre. I don't see why Mgbako or whatever would want to come to KU with Adams, Udeh, Zuby, Marcus Adams, ...and then Dickinson.
If he lives up to his ranking, he's better than all of those guys except for Dickinson, who doesn't play his position. I would assume Self has probably told him there's a chance he could play some 3 as well.
Bearcat 05:51 AM 05-04-2023
I barely even follow the transfer portal drama and Dickinson seems obnoxious... just figure it the fuck out.

And we love you, and go to Kansas. :-)
Mr_Tomahawk 08:29 AM 05-04-2023
Awww yeah!
lawrenceRaider 08:29 AM 05-04-2023

— Hunter Dickinson (@H_Dickinson24) May 4, 2023

KCFalcon59 08:40 AM 05-04-2023
Fuck Yeah!!!
KC_Connection 08:40 AM 05-04-2023
Well that certainly took long enough. Happy to have him though. We haven’t had an offensive big of his quality in many years now.

Hope we can keep Udeh too, his defense would still be very useful on next year’s team.
Mr_Tomahawk 08:42 AM 05-04-2023
Major Bill Self flex.
Mr. Plow 08:43 AM 05-04-2023

Lzen 08:44 AM 05-04-2023
Yes No GIFfrom Yes GIFs

smithandrew051 08:45 AM 05-04-2023
Let’s go boys. True championship contenders.
Al Czervik 08:49 AM 05-04-2023
Fucking awesome pickup Bill!!!!
PHOG 08:51 AM 05-04-2023
Very nice!!
dlphg9 08:56 AM 05-04-2023
That was the cringiest shit I've ever seen.

But congrats, you all got a hell of a player.
KC_Connection 09:12 AM 05-04-2023

KU's projected starting lineup:

PG: Harris
G: Timberlake
G: Morris
PF: Adams
C: Dickinson

Marcus Adams Jr.
Chris Johnson
Jamari McDowell

Still room for one more player. More roster movement always possible. Think two of Timberlake/Morris/Elmarko start.

— CJ Moore (@CJMooreHoops) May 4, 2023

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