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Nzoner's Game Room>Chiefs hire Steve Spagnuolo as new defensive coordinator
TLO 04:33 PM 01-24-2019

The #Chiefs are hiring Steve Spagnuolo as their new defensive coordinator, sources say. The former #Giants DC and interim HC/#Rams HC began his NFL coaching career as an #Eagles assistant under Andy Reid. Now rejoins Big Red in KC.

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) January 24, 2019

redfan 04:38 PM 01-24-2019
Dangit. I was hoping for a younger guy.
Simply Red 04:39 PM 01-24-2019
Originally Posted by Discuss Thrower:
Safe and boring. Boring and safe.
I agree hun
Hammock Parties 04:40 PM 01-24-2019
Originally Posted by InTheNeutralZone55:
What the hell are you talking about?

Mahomes is signed through 2020 and has an option for 2021.
Wrong Direckshun
Dante84 04:40 PM 01-24-2019
We needed someone who can get us to mediocre. Mahomes will do the rest.

Good hire.
JakeF 04:40 PM 01-24-2019
You had to figure that Andy would hire a buddy. At least Britt's job is safe. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps almost all of our current Defensive coaches. That will make Andy really happy.

I hope Spagnuolo doesn't suck.
suzzer99 04:41 PM 01-24-2019
As long as our defense can get a stop or two late - I don't care how bad they get slaughtered early.

Bob's defense was pretty good in the first Q, then got terrible late - as he refused to make adjustments, refused to get aggressive when we either need a stop or a bomb is ok because we get the ball back. And maybe his defense is impossible to execute when you're gassed or something.

Literally we just need a competent DC with some creativity, willingness to adjust in game, and balls when called for. IMO
RollChiefsRoll 04:41 PM 01-24-2019
Hello darkness, my old friend...
New World Order 04:41 PM 01-24-2019
He has a proven track record of improving defenses. Our personnel is better suited at 4-3.

Good hire
staylor26 04:41 PM 01-24-2019
I wonder what, if any, changes will be made to the defensive staff.
dannybcaitlyn 04:41 PM 01-24-2019
****. I guess I’ll be arguing with Chiefzilla the next six years as Spags will probably fail to deliver. He’ll be the 43 version of Sutton bend but don’t break.
New World Order 04:42 PM 01-24-2019
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
Actually I disagree entirely.

There's no place to go but up.

Instituting the 4-3 might turn Hitchens into a dramatically more effective player, and Chris Jones is going to WRECK SHIT at 3-tech.
Same with Tanoh

Tanoh could be very good in a 4-3.
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 04:42 PM 01-24-2019
Originally Posted by redhed:
Dangit. I was hoping for a younger guy.
I mean he is younger then Sutton!
chiefforlife 04:42 PM 01-24-2019
Spags is a good hire. He may also give us an inside track to Landon Collins!!

Not a sexy hire but a good one.
Discuss Thrower 04:42 PM 01-24-2019
I harassed Danan Hughes about the whole 3-4 or 4-3 thing a few weeks ago.

He pointed out it's almost irrelevant considering how often you come across an opponent who operates out of the spread.
wazu 04:42 PM 01-24-2019
Gunther Cunningham to Reid’s Greg Robinson.
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