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In Memoriam>Good news [Lonewolf Ed]
Lonewolf Ed 04:51 PM 01-24-2015
I thought I'd start a new thread for updates on my cancer treatments and whatever else is going on, since the bad news thread title is misleading now.

My last treatment went better than the previous two and my chest wound is still closed up, which is a good thing. My arm is getting slightly stronger and I hope to resume lifting dumbbells next week. I need to build up my strength again, because I am going back to Denmark in May and I am extremely pumped about that! I'd like to be able to schlepp my own checked bag and not have someone else lifting it for me.

It's going to be a fabulous trip, 6 weeks and a couple of days for me. My brother is going along as well as my friends Chipp and Rod. Chipp is staying close to 3 weeks and has not gone with me over there since 2006 so he is also very pumped to be going. It will be Rod's first trip and he will be there for 2 weeks. I will get to be a tour guide. Also, I am throwing a party in my favorite pub of all, the wonderful, ever-magnificent Irish House in Aalborg on May 7th. The owner and I are friends and he will give me a little discount. We'll have Irish stew and brews in the cellar and I hope to have around 25 family and friends there. I might bill it as the "Fu** Cancer Party." A few months back, I was not sure I'd ever be able to go over to Denmark again or if I'd even be alive, but the cancer hasn't gotten me yet. I'm doing a number on it, instead.

Some other cool things I plan to do when I am back in my ancestral lands include a wine tasting in a castle, touring another castle and the northernmost manor home in the country, and visiting Skagen, the top of Denmark, where you can stand on a little patch of beach and have one foot in one sea and one in another. They also have a brewpub up there I am wanting to check out. I will start and end my trip in Aalborg and spend 5 weeks in an apartment I rent that is very close to the beach. I can hardly wait for May 4th to roll around!
New World Order 12:24 PM 04-07-2017
Oh no, Ed.

I hope you have peace. Love you and thinking about you brother
raybec 4 12:28 PM 04-07-2017
All any of us could ask for is to face our end with courage and to know we were loved so much that we left a positive mark in our wake. Reading through this thread should tell you that you have both in spades. Ed, I salute you for a life well lived and a fight well fought. As you move to the next plane you can take solace in the fact that you will be long loved and well remembered.
Bugeater 12:30 PM 04-07-2017
Well crap, I always had it in the back of my head we'd have a big party for you when you finally beat this. Guess that's not happening now. Hope the following days are as peaceful as possible for you. Godspeed, my friend.
Chiefs4TheWin 12:34 PM 04-07-2017
Bravest man on the planet! Your upbeat attitude and fearlessness taking on this challenge is to be admired! Hoping for a miracle Ed. Good luck to you!
Grim 12:53 PM 04-07-2017
This is not how I wanted this thread to end.
I'm terribly sorry to read this, Ed.
Thank you so much for sharing your story with everyone.
You're in my thoughts and prayers.
Dartgod 12:55 PM 04-07-2017
I have yet to post in this thread, but have been following it all along.

You've fought a brave battle, I'm sorry you won't be able to see it through. Reading through everyone else's comments, I can see that you've had quite the effect on many here.

Godspeed, my prayers will be with you.
mnchiefsguy 12:58 PM 04-07-2017
Thoughts and prayers for you and your family Ed.
George Liquor 01:03 PM 04-07-2017
Godspeed man.
ping2000 01:05 PM 04-07-2017
Whenever I am having a "shitty day" I read through this thread and realize 1) nothing is as bad as what you are going through, and 2) you show everyone how to handle adversity like a man. Godspeed sir, and thank you.
Renegade 01:09 PM 04-07-2017

I don't post much, but have always read this thread. We may have never met, nor do you know me, but I have prayed (and will continue to do so) for you throughout this entire battle. Your dignity and courage are things that will forever define you as a person in my eyes. I too hope that when the day comes I get the opportunity to meet my maker, I do so with the same integrity that you have shown me.
Kman34 01:32 PM 04-07-2017
Ed you are an inspiration to us... hope you are comfortable and at peace .... prayers from my family to yours.....
Mr. Laz 01:45 PM 04-07-2017
Have no idea what words to use.

GloryDayz 01:54 PM 04-07-2017
I've said a few more, and longer prayers Ed. Stay strong and know that you are an inspiration to so many people, and many you've never met.

Love ya brother, stay strong..
Just Passin' By 02:06 PM 04-07-2017
Originally Posted by Lonewolf Ed:
I have very bad news. My blood tests had terrible numbers and my body is just worn down while my liver is getting ever worse. I can't handle more treatments and I am getting hospice care. I have two or three weeks left to live.

I want to thank all of you so much for the prayers, support and love. It has made a difference. My final battle awaits and I will win because the cancer dies with me and I am the one who will kill it.
God bless you and yours.
rico 02:11 PM 04-07-2017
Sorry to hear this, Ed. You are in my thoughts.
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