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View Poll Results: What position would you like to be BPA when its the Chiefs turn to pick?
RB 1 2.38%
WR 10 23.81%
TE 0 0%
OT 0 0%
OG 0 0%
C 0 0%
DT 0 0%
DE 29 69.05%
OLB 1 2.38%
ILB 0 0%
CB 0 0%
S 1 2.38%
Voters: 42. You may not vote on this poll
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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>1st round pick
Direckshun 01:24 PM 09-16-2021
As of now, the Chiefs still have their 1st round pick for 2022. And we all agree it should be BPA.

But what position, right now, would you like that BPA to be in?
RunKC 12:18 PM 09-17-2021
I agree and have long said that DE and WR are our biggest needs. I like Clyde but Tee Higgins would have been the better pick IMO.

It’s painfully obvious that we have nobody that scares anyone at receiver after Kelce/Hill and at DE after Clark/Jones.

What’s interesting is Tyreek and Hardman are in contract years next year, Kelce is another year older and Clark is likely gone.

I think Veach will be doing some work there
Hoover 12:38 PM 09-17-2021
Swing Tackle
Superturtle 05:42 PM 09-19-2021
A new punter would be nice. Tommy Townsend is a wank pheasant.
poolboy 09:39 PM 09-19-2021
id say bpa on defense
Sofa King 09:20 AM 09-21-2021
DE. Easy choice.
Buehler445 06:53 AM 09-23-2021
Running Back. /sarcasm

CoMoChief 11:42 AM 09-23-2021
Take the best front 7 player available...preferably best DE on the board. Trade up for a badass who's dropped a bit if need be (if possible).

Chiefs DE's are worthless.

CB isn't a bad option either...Ward sucks.
Munson 06:43 AM 09-27-2021
DE or WR

I think we should go with a DE, but we'll probably have to trade up to get the one we want.
Tribal Warfare 06:09 PM 09-27-2021
Originally Posted by Buehler445:
Running Back. /sarcasm

I wouldn't be averse to that either DEPENDING where the Chiefs draft in the 1st
Flying High D 08:11 AM 09-28-2021
CoMoChief 01:26 AM Yesterday
Unless Randy Moss falls to the Chiefs pick, it should be BDPA. So many holes/needs on that side of the ball at all levels.

Although we dont even know if Orlando Brown is going to be a Chief next yr.
[Reply] 10:11 AM Yesterday
YOu don't know what are going to be holes until they're holes.

So just approach it BPA and just keep stacking talent.
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