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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>Another anti-vaxxer dies of COVID
Lex Luthor 06:32 PM 07-20-2021
Give this lady a Darwin award (posthumously, of course).

Originally Posted by :
Unvaccinated Trump supporter who spread coronavirus conspiracy theories dies of COVID-19

On Tuesday, the Cape Cod Times reported that Linda Zuern, a former member of the Bourne, Massachusetts Board of Selectmen and a Trump-supporting figure in the local Republican Party, had died of COVID-19.

Zuern died at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston of severe complications caused by COVID-19, according to the report. She was 70 years old and had not been vaccinated.

"She was a strong woman who believed in speaking the truth and defending our freedoms in America," Republican State Committeewoman Deborah Dugan told the Cape Cod Times. Dugan was at Zuern's bedside when she died. "I would describe her to people as a little woman but a mighty warrior."

For months, Zuern, a member of the pro-Trump group the United Cape Patriots, had promoted conspiracy theories about the pandemic on Facebook. She has shared articles accusing the World Health Organization of a coverup of the "Wuhan Virus" and claiming COVID-19 is cover for "globalists" to usher in "U.N. Agenda 2030" — a sustainable development initiative right-wing conspiracy theorists assert is a plot to create a one world government.

Zuern also expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, posting their creed of "WWG1WGA" (Where We Go One, We Go All).

Zuern promoted the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment of COVID-19 during a Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates meeting in December and questioned whether officials "had looked into preventative measures that people could use besides a vaccine to help build up their immune system," the Cape Cod Times reported.

Peter Meier, chair of the Board of Selectmen, said Zuern cared deeply about others. "She definitely left her mark on the community," he added.

According to the report, Zuern and her mother contracted COVID-19 while returning home from a trip to South Dakota — a state where Republican-motivated policies have let the virus propagate with little control.
loochy 08:03 AM 07-22-2021
Originally Posted by lawrenceRaider:
Darling, you need to post a link with that information not an infographic.

but it has CDC and FDA logos on it!
KCChiefsFan88 09:41 AM 07-22-2021
Originally Posted by Lex Luthor:
Stop embarrassing yourself. That's not what she said.

What she actually said is shown below.

“But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it. I’m not taking it.”
So Kamala is discouraging anyone who supports Trump to not take the vaccine, especially those who might be persuaded to take it when he promotes getting vaccinated (which he has done frequently).

Kamala is killing millions with that antivaxx messaging and she has also never denounced the black antivaxxers such as Louis Farrakhan who are suppressing the black vaccination rate.
Eleazar 09:51 AM 07-22-2021
It's amusing to come here after a year and see the same people who last year were crediting Trump with the vaccines that were on the way last year via Operation Warp Speed are now swearing they won't get the Trump vaccines because they think the vaccines are more dangerous than covid.

Even though Trump credited himself for the vaccines' development, touted their safety and efficacy, and offered them as a reason why he should be re-elected.
phisherman 10:02 AM 07-22-2021
And don't forget that he got the vaccine himself.
BucEyedPea 10:30 AM 07-22-2021
Originally Posted by lawrenceRaider:
Darling, you need to post a link with that information not an infographic.
The source is cited at the lower left, along with some other sources that source based those numbers on, sweetie-pie. It was a screen capture used in a video by a Dr. Ron Paul that covered multiple issues, darling.
BucEyedPea 10:31 AM 07-22-2021
Originally Posted by loochy:
but it has CDC and FDA logos on it!
And that the source was OAN, episode freeze-framed, who had cited CDC/FDA!
banyon 11:12 AM 07-22-2021
Originally Posted by BucEyedPea:
And that the source was OAN, episode freeze-framed, who had cited CDC/FDA!

the misleading part is where they put on the infographic that the deaths are "from the use of the vaccine". That is 100% false, as we went though in the other thread yesterday actually looking at the data sets.
Attached: died 2.JPG (285.2 KB) 
Marcellus 12:23 PM 07-22-2021
Originally Posted by penguinz:
He isnít trolling. He is a shit human being.
Your little exchange with Clay has got me to wondering, do you think Joe Biden is a good human being?
wazu 12:37 PM 07-22-2021
Originally Posted by MahomesMagic:
True Story...

Between dancing for Tik-Tok and watching unvaccinated people tearfully splutter out their dying regrets with a ventilator shoved down their throats as I hold their hands, being a nurse right now sure is OVERWHELMING!!

The second I started my shift this morning the front doors to reception burst open and a thousand gurneys flooded into the hospital, all carrying people who were too damn selfish to get the jab. A cacophony of coughs from these creatures spread Covid throughout the hospital and a bunch of perfectly healthy stage three cancer patients immediately flatlined. Me and a couple of the other nurses were in the middle of a Cirque-du-soleil dance routine for Tik-Tok so not only were we caught off guard but our social media video was ruined!!

I shook my head and approached each and every one of the new patients, and to no one's surprise they were ALL unvaccinated! I could practically feel the Covid microparticles surrounding me; I can only hope my two jabs and three masks was enough to keep me safe. Before they were all admitted I delivered a blistering fire and brimstone lecture on misinformation and how foolish they all were to refuse the holy elixir; everyone clapped when it was over and all the unvaxxed hung their heads in shame. I felt like such a Queen.

The rest of my shift was spent alternating between dancing and holding the hands of those who had been admitted as they passed away. Literally all of them expressed regret, or at least I think they did, their words were garbled by the ventilators jammed down their throats. Besides Covid they were all fit and healthy; not one of them was older than 90 or over 260lb. I was performing the Cha-Cha Slide for another Tik-Tok video when I got the call for our final patient so I cha-cha'd real smooth to their bedside and clutched their hand as they whispered their final words to me past the tube in their throat:

"I wish... I wish I had gotten the Covid vaccine. Is it... is it too late?"

I shook my head sadly and looked down into his pleading, milky eyes, fighting a smirk beneath my masks.

"Oh sweetie... oh my sweet, selfish Summer child... I'm sorry but it's too late. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes."

Then he died and I performed the Monkey in celebration, my gloved fists a total blur as my pace quickened aggressively and my fellow nurses and doctors joined in around the man's death bed, his family watching through a window and cheering along. I'm thinking of selling this totally real and not at all fabricated story to the BBC or some other news outlet to help convince the vaccine hesitant to get the damn jab!!
Did you write this? It's actually not bad.
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