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Direckshun 06:38 AM 01-09-2019
Anybody else feeling a little spooked by he upcoming free agency market now that the NFL has super-jacked the cap?

This happened in the NBA in 2016. The cap went huge for one year, and teams spent ridiculously — complete nobodies like Timofey Mozgov were given gigantic, team-destroying contracts, and then when the cap slowed in the coming years, teams found themselves strapped.

Might that happen in 2019 in the NFL? There are a few teams with over $90m in cap space. There is more cap space in the NFL than there is talent, I would argue.
RealSNR 12:03 PM 01-12-2019
It's far easier to build through the draft/cheap options in the NFL than it is in the NBA as long as you have the right core pieces. I don't really see cap fluctuations changing that philosophy too much.

It's also a lot easier for an NFL team to work their way out of cap hell than it is for an NBA team. So even if you go crazy in free agency spending and the cap slows down, it's pretty simple to clear the books without totally dismantling the entire foundation of your team.

In other words...

Hoover 12:07 PM 01-12-2019
I don't care how much cap space you have to spend you still have to manage the cap through the draft.

Which is why outside of a couple FA signings, I think its gets to spend our cap space on Tyreek, Jones, and Ford.