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kccrow 11:30 PM 12-28-2021
The Chiefs win the Super Bowl over the Green Bay Packers 34-27 because they are just that f'n special.
Staff is retained (sans House, DJ come on down?)

And now I make you all scratch your heads as I predict Veach won't do much of what we think he will...

Restructure QB P. Mahomes to convert roster to signing
Extend WR T. Hill 4 yrs 109m w/ 49m guaranteed
ERFA Tender: RB D. Gore, TE J. Fortson, CB D. Baker
Franchise Tag: OT O. Brown
Re-sign to minimal deals: OL A. Wylie, CB M. Hughes, FB M. Burton, FS A. Watts, LB D. O'Daniel, WR B. Pringle, TE B. Bell, LB B. Niemann
Re-sign: RB D. Williams 1 yr $1.6 m, DT D. Nnadi 1 yr 3.0m
Sign: WR D. Chark (JAX) 2 yr $20.2m w/16.0 m guaranteed, OT G. Christian 1yr 1.5m, SS J. Whitehead (TB) 3 yr $18.0m w/6.0m guaranteed

1. CB Kyler Gordon, Washington (6'0" 200)
2. ER Sam Williams, Ole Miss (6'3" 265)
3. DT Travis Jones, UConn (6'4" 333)
4. WR Charleston Rambo, Miami (6'0" 185)
7. RB Kennedy Brooks, Oklahoma (5'11' 215)
7. DB Cam Taylor-Britt, Nebraska (6'0" 205)
7. OL Luke Fortner, Kentucky (6'6" 300)
7. ER Owen Carney Jr., Illinois (6'3' 275)

QB: P. Mahomes, S. Buechele
RB: C. Edwards-Helaire, D. Gore, D. Williams, K. Brooks
FB: M. Burton
WR: T. Hill, D. Chark, M. Hardman, B. Pringle, C. Rambo, C. Powell
TE: T. Kelce, N. Gray, J. Fortson, B. Bell
OT: O. Brown Jr., L. Niang, G. Christian, P. Tega-Wanogho
OG: J. Thuney, T. Smith, N. Allegretti, A. Wylie
OC: C. Humphrey, L. Fortner

DE: F. Clark, S. Williams, M. Danna, J. Kaindoh, O. Carney Jr.
DT: C. Jones, D. Nnadi, K. Saunders, T. Jones, T. Wharton
LB: A. Hitchens, W. Gay, N. Bolton, B. Niemann, D. O'Daniel
CB: L. Sneed, K. Gordon, R. Fenton, D. Baker, M. Hughes
DB: J. Whitehead, J. Thornhill, Z. Anderson, A. Watts, C. Taylor-Britt

ST: H. Butker, T. Townsend, J. Winchester

Frank Clark and Anthony Hitchens retained!? Ben Niemann and Dorian O'Daniel re-signed!? A first-round CB!? The blasphemy! :-)

Let er rip boys.
Chris Meck 07:55 AM 12-29-2021

There's no way they just 'keep' Clark without at least a very serious re-structure, and I really doubt that. You could get more production and consistency signing Ogbah for half of what you pay Clark.

You let Mathieu AND Ward go? I think they keep one, and if we're looking at Veach's prior tendencies, he'd let Ward walk and re-sign Mathieu. I don't think there's any way at all that they let both go and keep Clark, especially at his current cap number. That's just not gonna happen.

I don't think they should plan to have Niemann and Sorensen on the team. I mean if you can't upgrade there....

And drafting a CB in round one goes completely against Veach's M.O. I think round 4 is much more likely, along with a couple of small school UDFA's. We've consistently coached 'em up into NFL players and the CB room even sans Ward is above average for Spags and his system. No need to go so high, especially when this defense depends on the front four so much.
Direckshun 08:25 AM 12-29-2021
That Tyreek contract… wow.
kccrow 08:07 PM 12-29-2021
I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said Meck, I've echoed those sentiments in various threads sans Ward v Mathieu (I think Ward sticks, not Mathieu). That said, I presented this as the other side of the coin. KC doesn't have to do some of the things many of us keep touting as near-guaranteed (cutting Hitchens and Clark among them). And honestly, I think it may be a bit of both with a heavy lean towards what I have here.

Unless Clark is going to go to prison, I don't think KC is going to get rid of him. I'm not even certain they try to do anything with his contract this year unless he's conceding money and not kicking the can to next year when he's an even more beneficial cut. Plus, they have to be certain they can acquire talent before they just release him and this isn't the best FA edge class to hedge your bets on. It's a great draft class, but you can't necessarily bank on enough production there in year one.

As for CB in 1, Veach and Company have heavily scouted some day 1 corners the past few drafts but they haven't fell to KC so I'm not going to write it off. Yes, I agree Veach has done a stellar job of finding adequate talent there and the Chiefs coaches have done a phenomenal job with them. That said, they don't have much for playmakers on the back end. Nobody is striking fear in a QB like a JC Jackson type that can get you 6+ ints. Maybe Kyler Gordon isn't that guy but I like the kid's overall package, so we could argue who maybe more than we can argue Veach won't. I didn't think Veach would draft a RB in round 1 either because he could find bargains in the garbage bin.

Yes, I kept Niemann more as a money play than anything. He's going to be cheap and he knows the defense. I did let Sorensen walk. Can't fix it all in a year, generally.

As for Tyreek's contract, I might get your butthole ready to pucker. Hopkins signed a 2-year deal for 27.25 per and I've basically duplicated that over 4 for Tyreek but kept the guaranteed money the same. Tyreek is going to set or match the market at WR, I can pretty well guarantee it. You can't let him go in any way, shape, or form.
Chris Meck 08:16 AM 12-30-2021
Agree on Tyreek, and he's special. I think you have to keep the special guys. A lot of the good players you have to let walk. As much as I'm generally against paying second contract corners, I think Sneed is the guy I'd pay; he's special. Ward is good, perhaps very good, but I think that's too much money for what corners are allowed to do. Mathieu affects the game in ways that don't show up on the stat sheet, and that's why I would choose him over Ward. I like Ward, don't get me wrong.

I just don't see how they can justify Clark's cap number, and I think if they were going to keep him, they'd have reworked his contract THIS year. That cap number is outrageous. I think you've GOT to move on. An Ogbah, whom you're already familiar with and who's been much more consistent at half the money just seems like a better move. If you've got Ogbah, and bring back Ingram, then you can work a high pick rookie in as he learns. With Danna and youngster Kaindoh, I think that's a pretty solid rotation.
chiefforlife 02:31 PM 01-07-2022
I think thats to much money for Tyreek. Yes hes special but as weve seen, he can be taken out of the game. Hes not a guy like Devante Adams where he will get his no matter what you do.

I love Tyreek and would retain him no matter what but he isnt quite on the same level as Adams.