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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Trade targets on rebuilding teams?
Dante84 01:37 PM 12-08-2021
Obviously our primary goal is to retain our own talent and build via the draft to keep as many high-dollar contracts off the books. So the following is conjecture around *IF* Veach would do something, what might he do; not that he *SHOULD* do something.

With that said, Veach has showed his willingness to make an aggressive trade when he deems necessary. With that in mind, are there any realistic candidates that you think he'd make a move on?

It sounds like with Pete Carrol's advanced age, and Russel Wilson potentially leaving Seattle, they might be entering a rebuild mode and would value draft picks. Would Lockett be a potential target?

If Rodgers leaves Green Bay, they could also be entering a mini-rebuild and would also value draft picks.

Falcons, Bears, Panthers come to mind of teams who also might be sellers.
kccrow 06:28 PM 12-18-2021
Originally Posted by CoMoChief:
RB James Robinson may be worth a look. He's infinitely better than CEH.

Depends on how much Chiefs are willing to give up for a years worth of service.

Contract is small but he's a FA in 2023.

This team needs a good RB...haven't had a consistent running game since Hunt.
I feel like Robinson is worth a 3rd round pick. He's young and a good starting RB in all phases.
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