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In Memoriam>RIP Logical (Jim)
Son of Logical 02:39 PM 04-29-2009
Hello All,

As many of you know my Dad (Logical) has been in the hospital since January. He has been fighting a bunch of different problems, and it looked like he was going to beat it, and make it home. Unfortunately, in the past week things took a real turn for the worse. It is my understanding that he has at most two weeks left, but from what I can see myself, it probably won't be that long.

I know he really valued this board and a lot of the people on it. I wanted you all to know that he may of been a person that liked to stir things up, but he is one of the most caring people that this world has ever had to offer. He helped raise my sisters and I to be strong, loving, and intelligent people.

In these past few months, he has again found the Lord, and I strongly believe it is simply God calling him home. Please remember him for the good times, and do not judge him to harshly for the times he gave any of you heck.

He is my father, and a great man.

Thank You,


Update: My father passed away this morning at 7:30 am (pst). For the most part it was peaceful, my sisters and I were there with him to last second. He will be missed.

My sister read him many of your replies, and she told me he really enjoyed it. Thank you for all your kind words.
FAX 08:12 AM 04-30-2009
Words can't really express how this news affects me. I'm very sorry to hear this. Terribly sorry. Based on his absence and the information Mr. Logical shared with me in the past regarding his health conditions, I had a feeling something was wrong. I'm shocked and stunned.

I never met Mr. Logical in person, but so far as one board member can consider another a friend, I certainly think of him that way. My condolences to the family and my very best wishes to Mr. Logical. I am most happy that he made peace with God and am certain that he will be welcomed by the Maker with open arms should that time come.

And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

bringbackmarty 08:28 AM 04-30-2009
Wow, God's speed Jim. Best wishes to your family in this really tough time. We have some hella-fied prayer rep coming you guys' way.

You helped make this place what it is today, and this thread is proof of how special a place it can be from time to time.

God bless, you will be missed.
Chiefnj2 08:50 AM 04-30-2009
I'm glad to hear that Jim is at peace and has a supportive and loving family around him during his time of need. I'm saddened to read that his health has taken a turn for the worse, but the Jim we've all come to know on the Planet seems to be a stubborn old cuss and a fighter. I wouldn't be surprised to read, and I hope and wish, that he bounces back. Best of luck Jim/Vlad/Logical/Cronus.
Dr. Johnny Fever 01:35 PM 04-30-2009
Wow. Thanks James. Abundant prayers.
milkman 02:26 PM 04-30-2009
Jim is already sorely missed around here.

I'll keep him in my thoughts.
memyselfI 02:45 PM 04-30-2009
James, thank you for the post. I am heartbroken to hear this (thank you, Frankie, for giving me the heads up) and for once in my life have no words to express how I feel about a situation.

Jim will laugh at the idea of me being speechless. All of you are in my prayers.
SBK 02:46 PM 04-30-2009
It's sad to hear this, may God bless you, keep you, and cause His face to shine upon you.
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DaneMcCloud 03:08 PM 04-30-2009
James, it was very evident to me that your father is a warm and caring man. I value his friendship greatly and wish you all strength from above through this difficult time.

May God bless you all.
dirk digler 03:30 PM 04-30-2009
Once again I am very sorry and I hope he has peace now. I will miss him very much and prayers go out to you and your family.
Mr. Flopnuts 03:39 PM 04-30-2009
It's a sad day at Chiefsplanet. I'd like to propose putting Jim's picture up on the header for a period of time with the family's permission of course. RIP Jim. You were a helluva guy.
Buck 03:50 PM 04-30-2009
RIP Jim.

You'll be sorely missed.
007 04:00 PM 04-30-2009
RIP Jim. You will be missed. Prayers to the family.
bogey 04:01 PM 04-30-2009
I've said this before to others, he'll visit you in your dreams. When he does, enjoy it. RIP Logical, visit your family.
KCFalcon59 04:01 PM 04-30-2009
RIP Jim. :-) My prayers go out to the family.
Fritz88 04:02 PM 04-30-2009
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