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Hall of Classics>Caught my woman cheating.
beach tribe 09:45 PM 02-13-2016
Crazy history. Never Met him.

Been together 6 years.
Love her Madly.
Have a 4 year old with autism together.

God damn I'm hurting.

Don't want to do anything crazy.
10 years ago he would be in the hospital.
Gotta be smarter/better than that.

Not handling these emotions well....
Hog's Gone Fishin 08:32 AM 02-14-2016
Here's an idea:

dmahurin 08:32 AM 02-14-2016
I have 2 boys and my now ex cheated on me in a similar fashion. It sucks right now for you. I know. But I promise you life will be a whole better in the long run. Ive been divorced 6 years and am so much happier now than I was then. Focus on your child and yourself. Her wants are completely irrelevent to you anymore.
MikeMaslowski 08:33 AM 02-14-2016
That is no good tribe. As many others, I have been there and we ALL have come out on the other side. Will hurt but never think it is the bottom. If you get some weird feelings, make sure to call family and friends. Your life is important to you and your child, even if it isn't to that sorry sack you were with. Keep your head up and you will get hella sympathy lays in the near future. lol
kccrow 08:37 AM 02-14-2016
Sorry to hear it bud. This is certainly a tough deal. The whole ex-boyfriend thing certainly means there's likely some sort of emotional attachment deep down for her and that makes it a bit tougher.

In relationships, there always seems to be that "7 year itch" as they call it. I'm married, we've been together over 10 years. We both went through it. Things settle in, people get complacent, and life is rather boring. It happens. Don't blame yourself though, she made her decision.

I'd want to know more. How was it that she was in contact with him after all this time to begin with? Was it a one night thing? Was it an affair? Does it matter? Most of all, could you forgive her depending on that answer? And with that, would you ever be able to trust her again if you did?

I think taking time apart to find answers is important. You have a child together and that child's long-term welfare will depend on both of you. Figure out how the both of you will move forward from this.

First instinct is to beat the guy within an inch of his life and risk spending 30+ days in the slammer, but that doesn't help your kid. Be strong. You've had your drink.
Gonzo 08:37 AM 02-14-2016
Originally Posted by ARROW2:
Go bang some freaks, porno style. That helps.
No, it doesn't. It's something you'll look back on with total disgust.
FlaChief58 08:43 AM 02-14-2016
Sorry to hear that, I've been there. Just remember that it wouldn't have happened if SHE didn't want it too. Best to cut ties now, because if you forgive her now, she'll know you'll forgive her the next time. And there will be a next time
MikeMaslowski 08:46 AM 02-14-2016
And remember, CHEATING IS NOT EVER EVER EVER YOUR FAULT. DO NOT ACCEPT HER BACK OR YOU WILL BE MISERABLE. Every time she looks at her phone or steps out the door you will get a knot in your stomach. Best to let it go.
Msmith 08:46 AM 02-14-2016
Just for the safe side, check with the clinic if you may contact some STD.
Dave Lane 08:47 AM 02-14-2016
Originally Posted by beach tribe:
She's with her sister..I'm at home
Don't let her come back and don't you leave the house. Been there, it can be a suck ass experience for a few days. I recommend hooking up with one of the other women in your life and railing her so hard her ancestors moan. It does help sooth a bruised psyche.
Molitoth 08:59 AM 02-14-2016
Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud:
Heartbreak makes the man, whether it's the career or the woman.

You'll bounce back strong, of that I have no doubt.

The real issue is now, today. Call all of your bro's and if they're unavailable, continue chatting here.

Talking this shit out is more than half the battle. You know that you have a lot to say, so just say it.

If you can't say it here, fire up your PC or Mac or Device and start typing away so that you say it.

Say it, Brotha, say it. Let it all out.

You may not even remember what you typed in the morning but you'll get a good night's rest and peace of mind by just letting it all out in a productive yet passive way.

We're all here for you, Dude.
Fluffy teddy bear Dane. :-)
Kman34 09:03 AM 02-14-2016
Sorry bud.. Hopefully every day that goes by you can move on a little bit....
GloryDayz 09:03 AM 02-14-2016
Originally Posted by gblowfish:
Lawyer up, dude:
Are they like a real thing? Their commercials seem to put them behind the 8-ball before they even get into the courtroom to represent their clients.. I realize they're at the bleeding edge of righting some wrongs, but they seem pretty "Gloria Allred" in a day and age when that may not be OK for men.

But seriously, does anybody know if they get better outcomes than those less in-your-face firms?
Mennonite 09:06 AM 02-14-2016
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sully 09:15 AM 02-14-2016
Prayers for you and your family.

No impulse decisions.

Take no advice (even mine), other than to do what is best and works for you and your family.

Always reach for grace.
Shaid 09:17 AM 02-14-2016
It's tempting to give advise here but only you know the full details involved. I'll just say, be strong, be a man, and be a good father to your child no matter what the relationship between you and your wife.
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