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Hall of Classics>***OFFICIAL Kansas City Royals Vs. Oakland A's Post Season Wild Card Thread 9/30***
gblowfish 11:01 PM 09-29-2014
Let me start by saying,
I ****ING hate Oakland.
I especially despise the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Fans, and today I especially despise their weak ass, carpetbagging "Oakland "A's" baseball team.
Glad you asked.
I'll tell you why:
Because I'm old enough to remember what happened here, and what has been stolen from us as a city.

Let me tell you a story from a long time ago:

Prison Bitch 12:36 AM 10-01-2014
Jayson Nix should be released today. 0-9 with 7k for us this yr. Gio has to be the second utility man after Colon now
BigRock 12:49 AM 10-01-2014
CoMoChief 12:54 AM 10-01-2014
greatest royals game of my lifetime....holy shit
ArrowheadHawk 12:57 AM 10-01-2014
Game was awesome, glad I attended it in person. No voice left after also going to the Chiefs Game last night. Still haven't made it home and I have to work at 8,bit I don't care, so worth it.
ChiefsCountry 12:58 AM 10-01-2014
Happy Flight
Hoopsdoc 01:05 AM 10-01-2014
Congrats on the win from this Cardinals fan. Here's hoping for another I-70 series.

What a game.
tyler360 01:13 AM 10-01-2014
O ya

Fuck John Lester. Hard!
SPchief 01:33 AM 10-01-2014
Originally Posted by Hootie 2.0:
I had ZERO issue with Ventura out of the pen to start the 6th. None. I said as much.

I had a HUGE issue to him coming in against Brandon Moss...

Brandon Moss has a career TERRIBLE line against lefties. So bad.

Finnegan should have been the guy to come in and get ONE out.

Now, he was instrumental later for 7 outs...

but that's not the point

After Shields came out in the either stay with him there, or bring in a LOOGY

Plain and simple.

Bring in Ventura after the LOOGY if you'd like, and if he sucks, he sucks...

I had a HUGE problem with bringing in a righty against Moss with 2 on there...terrible decision.
Pretty sure I called this last week and you guys shit on me Bring Finny in as a Loogy and go from there. Not downplaying what Finny did tonight, but if Ned brings in Finny in the 6th, this game doesn't go 12.
duncan_idaho 02:09 AM 10-01-2014
Just got home from the bar.



Hung out with Jeremy Guthrie and his dad, got a beer from Danny Duffy, high-fived Brandon Finnegan, and saved Josh Willingham's kid from getting his fingers chopped off in a fan outside the clubhouse tonight.

I'll try to post some pics tomorrw, know i got Shields sipping from a champagne bottle and Finnegan hanging out with his parents.

We got Yosted and it didn't even fucking matter. Bulletproof!
Silock 02:29 AM 10-01-2014
Baby Lee 03:09 AM 10-01-2014
I could loop this forever, soaking every single pixel one by one

Baby Lee 03:21 AM 10-01-2014
Anyone think George Brett is sad that the A's have eclipsed his 'shit your pants' anecdote?
alnorth 04:07 AM 10-01-2014
Its 5am and I finally got back home in DSM.

That game was bananas.

I'm going to go collapse in bed now.
ChiTown 04:46 AM 10-01-2014
Originally Posted by alnorth:
Its 5am and I finally got back home in DSM.

That game was bananas.

I'm going to go collapse in bed now.
Wow! That musta been a hell of a night! Can't wait for Sunday's game. My first Royals playoff game since Game 6 of the '85 WS. WOOHOO!!!!!
Hootie 05:03 AM 10-01-2014
Originally Posted by Prison Bitch:
The issue was the 3 LH coming up. You have to go Finnegan or Duffy there. And he brought in Herrera after who also couldn't get them out. Duffy murders LH. He pitched one day earlier than Ventura. That made zero sense. Even shields has no split difference.

But Ned pulled a lot of strings late, nearly all that worked. So who knows
Like I said...if he wants to give the entire 6th to Ventura, ok...

After he went back to shields, who had no idea how to get 2, 3 and 4 out...

He HAD to get a lefty up and ready for moss in case he did exactly what he ended up doing (putting Fuld and Donaldson on).

What he did was classic Ned bullpen shit that honestly should've cost us a playoff game. It was tragically bad. No manager other than Ned does that.

Literally every other manager goes Duffy or Finnegan there. You don't ignore splits in a playoff game.
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