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Rain Man 12:15 AM 03-22-2009
The original post is below in blue, but let's summarize it here based on the past few years.

1. If you're a new player, start with the current Chiefs roster. If you've been playing for a while you'll have your own evolved roster.

2. You can add any free agent that the Chiefs add.

3. You lose any free agent that the Chiefs lose, but only if they were on the Chiefs' roster when you began playing.

4. You can accept or reject any trade the Chiefs make as long as any Chiefs player involved is currently on your roster.

5. You do not get players that the Chiefs draft. You draft your own players, using the same draft picks that the Chiefs have.

6. You can trade down ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade down before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: If you trade down after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 35 percent. Any trade down must involve only the picks of one NFL team, and you cannot receive more than two picks more than you give up. (In other words, if you trade away one draft pick you cannot pick up more than three in return.) The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

6. You can trade up ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade up before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: If you trade up after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 15 percent. Any trade up must involve only the picks of one NFL team. The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

7. By the beginning of the season, you must reduce your total roster to include only 53 players.

Original post: You can ignore this now.


Added Rules and Reminders:

1. Remember that you can draft undrafted rookies, so you don't have to select only guys who were drafted.

2. Anyone can change their rookie draft selections at any time, UNTIL we reach ten days before training camp. At that point, all picks will be locked in.

3. Each team can do ONE trade of draft picks if they like, using this chart: However, if you're trading up, you have to pay 15 percent more than the stated value of the picks you're obtaining. If you're trading down, your pick's value will be discounted by 35 percent.

For example, if you want to trade up from the 20th pick in the 1st to the 10th pick, you can see from the chart that the 20th pick is worth 850 points. The 10th pick is normally 1,300 points, but by paying 15 percent more, it will cost you 1.15*1,300, or 1,495 points.

For example, if you want to trade down from the 20th pick in the 1st and pick up the 10th pick in the 2nd, your 20th pick would normally be worth 850 points, but in this game it will be worth 553 points. The 10th pick in the 2nd is worth 480 points, so you can get 73 points back from the other team.

You can do only ONE draft-pick trade up and ONE draft-pick trade down, and in each case you can only trade with one other team for their own picks. (In other words, you couldn't take the 73 points in the above example from a third team.)

Rain Man 09:01 PM 04-30-2021
You can also add midseason acquisitions to your roster. They are:

Deandre Baker
Antonio Callaway
Prince Tega Wanogho
Bryan Witzmann

All of the camp fodder guys too, but you can wait until we get closer to cuts to add them.
Rain Man 09:45 PM 04-30-2021
In accepting the Orlando Brown trade, and since I didn't have DeAndre Washington to trade away, my picks are:

Round Pick
2 58
2 63
4 144
5 175
5 181
7 258
kccrow 10:04 PM 04-30-2021
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
One thing I've learned over the years is that it's hard to draft left tackles, so even though I enjoy drafting I'm definitely going to accept the Orlando Brown trade.
I think the problem lies more in where the tackles went this year. You have to give up so much to get to a guy in either the 1st or 2nd to get to the spots they went that it doesn't even seem worth fighting against the Chiefs' trade. Kind of disappointing. Then, if I make the trade I feel pigeon-holed to a few players after that.
Kellerfox 07:30 PM 05-01-2021
I desperately worked through the mental gymnastics of trying to decline the OBJ trade just because I want my new roster to be unique (ie, use the Chiefs original 1st to draft a LT), but there just aren’t any scenarios that make sense with the post-draft pick trade devaluation. Given that, The Tacoma Trash Pandas are accepting the OBJ trade - the value is just too good.

Clarification/confirmation: Am I able to accept the Chiefs move up in the 5th round without the devaluation penalty? (Assuming I have pick #207 to enable that trade because the Chiefs had it when I started the game)
kccrow 08:19 PM 05-01-2021
Originally Posted by Kellerfox:
I desperately worked through the mental gymnastics of trying to decline the OBJ trade just because I want my new roster to be unique (ie, use the Chiefs original 1st to draft a LT), but there just arenít any scenarios that make sense with the post-draft pick trade devaluation. Given that, The Tacoma Trash Pandas are accepting the OBJ trade - the value is just too good.

Clarification/confirmation: Am I able to accept the Chiefs move up in the 5th round without the devaluation penalty? (Assuming I have pick #207 to enable that trade because the Chiefs had it when I started the game)
Yes you can. You get the picks the Chiefs had when you started the game. No devaluation for accepting a team trade.
kccrow 02:41 AM 05-03-2021

Yeti's 2021 Offseason

I had De'Andre Washington on my roster and accept the 2020 in-season trade with our 7th round pick for Round 6 pick #207.

I am going to be ballsy and not accept the Chiefs' trade with Baltimore for OT Orlando Brown Jr.

This gives me a starting draft of 1-31, 2-63, 3-94, 4-136, 4-144, 5-175, 5-181, and 6-207.

I am going to accept the Chiefs' in-draft trade-up, acquiring 5-162 and 6-226 for 5-175 and 6-207.

I am going to execute a trade down from 5-181 with the Chicago Bears for picks 6-208 (acquired in their trade of Adam Shaheen in 2020), 6-221 (comp), and 6-228 (comp). 5-181 is 19.0 pts, discounted at 65% to 12.35 pts. 6-208 is 8.2 pts, 6-221 is 3 pts, and 6-228 is 1 pt good for 12.2 pts.

This leaves me a draft of 1-31, 2-63, 3-94, 4-136, 4-144, 5-162, 6-208, 6-221, 6-226, and 6-228.

I make the following selections.

1-31 | OT Teven Jenkins, Oklahoma State (6'6" 317)
Selected with 2-39 by Chicago

Jenkins is a ferocious blocker on the outside and shows potential to play either LT or RT in the NFL. I'm not banking on LT, as I've tried to hedge that bet later, but in listening to the Bears and his former collegiate coach talk, it seems he'll get his shot at the blind side.

2-63 | CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford (6'1" 198)
Selected with 3-76 by New Orleans

Adebo is one of my favorite CBs coming out of this draft with good mirror skills and outstanding ball production. I think he has a shot to be an immediate starter in New Orleans and would have made a good pick for the Chiefs. He compliments Sneed on the outside and Byron Murphy in the slot on my team.

3-94 | ER Ronnie Perkins, Oklahoma (6'3" 253)
Selected with 3-96 by New England

It seems I always gravitate towards taking a mid-round shot on an edge rusher and Perkins is no different here. I think Perkins was a first round caliber player that fell in the draft and Belichick seemed pretty excited to get him. Perkins may start out as a situational rusher but I don't think it'll take long to climb the ranks if he perfects his technique early on.

4-136 | OT Josh Ball, Marshall (6'7" 308)
Selected with 4-138 by Dallas

I'll say this, if not for the sexual assault issues for Ball at Florida State, he may have ended up a 1st or 2nd round player but transferring and missing time because of it on top of that made him fall further than his talent suggests. Ball will definitely get a shot at LT in Dallas, especially if Smith goes down again and certainly into the future.

4-144 | DT Daviyon Nixon, Iowa (6'3" 313)
Selected with 5-158 by Carolina

I really didn't need to add more to my defensive tackle group but this was too outstanding of a value. I saw Nixon as a Kawaan Short clone and certainly as a high 2nd round player. Nixon going in the 5th was blasphemy and I really think the Panthers got a steal here. Nixon should fight for a immediate reps on obvious passing downs and develop into a future starter, and potentially a star, in the NFL. I'm taking this shot.

5-162 | TE Noah Gray, Duke (6'3" 240)
Selected with 5-162 by Kansas City

Much like the actual Chiefs, I sorely lack a TE #2 on my roster so I'm cloning their move here and taking Gray. Gray has flashed some major potential as a receiving threat in an H-back type role. I think Reid will have some fun designing plays that put Gray and Kelce on the field at the same time to attack the middle of the field.

6-208 | LB Isaiah McDuffie, Boston College (6'1" 227)
Selected with 6-220 by Green Bay

I trade out of the 181st pick to get more darts late. I see McDuffie as much of the same type of player as former Packer Blake Martinez in that they are a little undersized but have good change of direction and solid speed to the sidelines. The one plus is that McDuffie flies around with reckless abandon and could endear himself to coaches early on. McDuffie never may be more than a special teams guy but I'll take that shot late in the 6th.

6-221 | OG Trey Smith, Tennessee (6'5" 321)
Selected with 6-226 by Kansas City

I had to grab Trey Smith late as KC did and take a shot on his lungs not being an issue. Smith is an absolute monster of a guard that had late 1st to early 2nd ability on the field. Obviously teams didn't like the clot issue and worry about his longevity but I'm banking on him having it under control and getting a stud that can slip in at RG for the forseeable future.

6-226 | WR Tre Nixon, Central Florida (6'0" 187)
Selected with 7-242 by New England

I'm going out on a limb here and taking Nixon to add some juice to my receiving corps that's pretty strong as it sits. I have faith that Belicheck is going to marry this kid to a jugs machine all offseason in an effort to eliminate his one real weakness: drops. Other than that, Nixon has great speed and outstanding separation ability at all 3 levels of the field in the mold of many Belichick slot receivers.

6-228 | RB Gerrid Doaks, Cincinnati (5'11" 228)
Selected with 7-244 by Miami

I was enamored with Gerrid Doaks in the pre-draft process and had to find a way to get him. Trading down provided an opportunity to get a couple other guys while still adding Doaks. Doaks is a bigger back with outstanding athleticism, can run inside or outside, and is outstanding in the passing game as a receiver and blocker. If Doaks can stay healthy, an issue in college at times, the sky is really the limit with his talent on the field.

Temporary Roster


Kellerfox 07:16 PM 05-03-2021

Tacoma Trash Pandas’ Draft

Begrudgingly, I am accepting the OBJ trade because I see no other way to protect our starting quarterbacks blindside this season.

I am accepting the Chiefs draft day trade, acquiring 5-162 and 6-226 for 5-175 and 6-207.

I’m also stealing Kccrow’s trade down, swapping #5-181 for the Bear’s #6-208, #6-221, and #6-228 in an effort to have more unique players on my new expansion team (trying to diversify as quickly as possible).

I really wanted to make 100% unique selections different from the Chiefs, but a few of our selections were just too much value to pass up.


#2-58 Carlos Basham Jr., DE, Wake Forrest (Bills)

Basham is a big and athletic pass rusher who is capable of playing both outside and inside in a four man front. Although Buffalos edge position is very crowded with two servicable starters and Gregory Rousseau, I think Basham’s flexibility will allow him to see the field early and flourish. Looking ahead to the Trash Panda’s 2022 roster, this move was ,add proactively to give me flexibility in next years draft.

I also heavily considered Nick Bolton and Paulson Adebo at this spot. I passed on Bolton in an effort to diversify my roster from the Chiefs and Adebo because of injury concerns, even though he likely starts for the Saints this season.

#2-63 Creed Humphrey, OC, Oklahoma (Chiefs)

Brett Veach may be no Kellerfox, but he did have the right idea here. I can’t pass up the opportunity to draft the best center in the 2021 class who should be an instant starter.

#4-144 Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis (Eagles)

While I love the idea of finding a long term answer at TE2 and considered taking a Brevin Jordan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lock in the drafts 4th best RB this late. Gainwell should slip into the RB2 role for the Eagles and is a fairly similar player to fellow Tiger Antonio Gibson in terms of play style. Given that Miles Saunders is made of glass, o expect Gainwell to see significant action this season and trust that he will never look back once he has seized his opportunity.

#5-162 Frank Darby, WR, Arizona State (Falcons)

In our quest for WR depth after the departure of Sammy Watkins, the Trash Pandas turn to Frank Darby. Darby is a bit of a tweener who is tough enough to make the tough catches in the middle but also has enough speed to get open deep. I like the opportunity he has in Atlanta to see early playing time which will spring board him into a hall of fame career.

#6-208 Isaiah McDuffie, LB, Boston College (Packers)

Undersized but great mobility. The Trash Pandas are going to give McDuffie a year or two to show us some upside, but we anticipate that LB will be a big need for us next year.

#6-221 Tay Gowan, CB, Central Florida (Cardinals)

Tay was a bit of a draft enigma. He was a late declaration, did not participate in camps, and has minimal film. Word on the street is, some teams had him slotted as high as the 4th so he is great value at this point and is primed to see snaps for the Cardinals this year.

#6-226 Trey Smith, OG, Tennessee (Chiefs)

How could I say no? 2nd round talent at #226? Like the Chiefs, I’m rolling the dice than Smith is healthy enough to be a long term solution at RG.

#6-228 Khyris Tonga, DT, BYU (Bears)

Big DT to reinforce the center of our DL, we see Tonga having great value as a late round flier. The knock against him is athleticism, he relies too heavily on strength. Will that allow him to succeed in the NFL? We shall see...
Rain Man 11:59 PM 05-03-2021
Originally Posted by kccrow:
Rainman, can you verify this for draft picks?

Option to accept the in-season trade of DeAndre Washington (if on your roster) and 2021 7th for 2021 6th
Option to trade 2021 1st #31, 3rd #94, 4th #136 2022 5th for OT Orlando Brown Jr. 2021 2nd #58 and 2022 6th


1-31 (if not trading for Brown)
2-58 (if trading for Brown)
3-94 (if not trading for Brown)
4-136 (if not trading for Brown)
4-144 (comp)
5-181 (comp)
6-207 (if trading Washington)
6-215 (if didn't accept trade for 2020 7th to pick Keyes)
7-258 (if not trading Washington)

Oh, good catch on the Bopete thing. These all sound right.
Rain Man 01:05 AM 05-04-2021
Okay, first things first. We're making a trade down. We're giving up the #181 pick to Arizona, which is worth 13 points (20 points x .65 adjustment). In return, we'll get the Cardinals' #209, #223, and #247 picks (8.8, 3.3, and 0.85 points) per the trade table:

We will also accept the Orlando Brown trade with its various dealings.

We didn't have DeAndre Washington so the late-round trade with the Jets isn't possible.

So we now have the following picks:


They will be announced after I sleep on a few decisions.
Rain Man 10:14 PM 05-09-2021
Okay, here's my draft.

#2-58 - Terrace Marshall, WR (Panthers)

My choice here came down to Marshall or ILB Nick Bolton. However, I'm desperate for WRs so Marshall filled a slot better for me.

#2-63 - Andre Cisco, FS (Jaguars)

We're okay on starters at safety, but will likely lose one or both in the next couple of years. Cisco seems like an instant starter and could even start for us as a rookie.

I debated between Cisco, WR Anthony Schwartz, and CB Paulson Adebo. If I needed a center, I would have definitely gone with Creed Humphrey. I really wanted Schwartz, but it seemed like a better pick to take Cisco.

#4-144 - Shaun Wade, CB (Ravens)

I'm generally pretty good at drafting CBs, so I've got a good stable. But I need another one with upside, and Wade is it.

The choice came down to Wade or TE Brevin Jordan. I need depth at TE, but it's hard to spend picks on the position when I've got Kelce there.

#5-175 - Cameron McGrone, OLB (patriots)

This was my toughest pick, because there were four players I really liked: McGrone, WR Simi Fehoko, ILB KJ Britt, and CB Deommodore Lenoir. I went back and forth on these guys and finally picked McGrone over Lenoir because I can't draft OLBs so I have to keep trying.

#6-209 - Sam Ehlinger, QB (Colts)

I need a developmental QB and didn't see any other prospects who wowed me, so Ehlinger was the only guy I considered.

#6-215 - Dazz Newsome, WR (Bears)

My WR group is weak, so I'll give Newsome a shot. I didn't really consider anyone else.

#7-223 - Trey Smith, G (Chiefs)

This was another tough one, because there were several guys I liked. Other than Smith, I was intrigued by G Jack Anderson, CB Israel Mukuami, and S JaCoby Stevens. Even though I'm very strong at G, I couldn't pass up Smith's potential.

#7-247 - Dylan Moses, ILB (Signed by Jaguars)

I traded down specifically to draft a couple of undrafted free agents. The first of those is Moses, who is trying to come back from a major knee injury. He got back onto the field, but with questions about how well his recovery went. I'll roll the dice. I didn't consider anyone else.

#7-258 - Marvin Wilson, DT (Signed by Browns)

This one's a big risk, but with potential reward. He looked good in the past, but had a terrible final year in college and also is apparently a vocal locker room guy in a way that's not welcomed. For a late pick I'll give him a shot, even though I already have a bunch of bodies at the DT spot. I didn't consider anyone else.
Kellerfox 02:57 PM 07-24-2021
Think I missed the pre-training camp edit deadline - but I’m going to stick with my draft picks. I’ve been second guessing a few, but Im going to trust my initial decisions.
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