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In Memoriam>RIP Logical (Jim)
Son of Logical 02:39 PM 04-29-2009
Hello All,

As many of you know my Dad (Logical) has been in the hospital since January. He has been fighting a bunch of different problems, and it looked like he was going to beat it, and make it home. Unfortunately, in the past week things took a real turn for the worse. It is my understanding that he has at most two weeks left, but from what I can see myself, it probably won't be that long.

I know he really valued this board and a lot of the people on it. I wanted you all to know that he may of been a person that liked to stir things up, but he is one of the most caring people that this world has ever had to offer. He helped raise my sisters and I to be strong, loving, and intelligent people.

In these past few months, he has again found the Lord, and I strongly believe it is simply God calling him home. Please remember him for the good times, and do not judge him to harshly for the times he gave any of you heck.

He is my father, and a great man.

Thank You,


Update: My father passed away this morning at 7:30 am (pst). For the most part it was peaceful, my sisters and I were there with him to last second. He will be missed.

My sister read him many of your replies, and she told me he really enjoyed it. Thank you for all your kind words.
sparkky 02:58 PM 04-29-2009
Originally Posted by Donger:
I'm very sorry to hear that. Give Logical my best, and to you as well.
jAZ 03:00 PM 04-29-2009
Jim and I battled over the years and at one time he was my least favorite poster on here. In the last few years, I saw a change in him that I think allowed us to know more of the wonderful person that you and your family surely knew well. He went from being one of my least favorite people here to one of my most favorite.

I'm sad to hear what is not unexpected news. It has been a loss to this community to have Jim away. I can't imagine the pain you are dealing with, but I am glad that you are your family appear to be well suited to cope with the grief of your (and our) impending loss.

I wish you and your family all the best.
Valiant 03:03 PM 04-29-2009
Wow that really sucks.. Prayers to you and your family..
seclark 03:05 PM 04-29-2009
thoughts and prayers for logical and family.
Dave Lane 03:06 PM 04-29-2009
Sorry to hear it Jim was one of the most thoughtful and intellectual posters on this board. He will be missed. I hope for a full recovery or a quick and easy passing. Good luck my friend either way.
alpha_omega 03:07 PM 04-29-2009
Prayers to you and your family.
keg in kc 03:08 PM 04-29-2009
God bless, Jim. I will always count you a friend. May your eyes witness wonders, your mind open to mysteries and your soul find peace and contentment.
Buehler445 03:08 PM 04-29-2009
Wow. Bad news. That's really tough. I know I never met him, but I did have a lot of respect for him because of his posts.

I wish Jim and all of your family all the best. Hopefully he isn't in too much pain. I will send up a prayer for him and your family.

All of us appreciate the updates
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Hoover 03:08 PM 04-29-2009
Thank you for letting us know about your father's status.

He was one of my favorite posters and I'm glad I had the chance to meet his at a game a few years ago. My thoughts and prayers and with him and the family.

J Diddy 03:09 PM 04-29-2009
Holy cow. This is horrible. I wish you and your family best wishes, prayer and comfort. May God be with you.
Phobia 03:10 PM 04-29-2009
Frankly, I'm surprised the old fart has hung on for as long as he has. I saw him at Arrowhead his last trip out and he looked awful (sorry Jim, you know it's true).

For those of you who don't know, this site would not have existed without Jim for a couple of different reasons:
1. He was one of the founding members and added plenty of interest to the site.
2. He supported this place financially more than anybody knows. I'll bet he gave $1 for every $2 given by everybody else combined.

I've been on both sides with Jim and even when he frustrated me I've always had plenty of respect for the man. Me and mine have been praying for weeks and I'll pray that if now is his time that he will go peacefully and painlessly.

Thank you for the update, Junior.
oldandslow 03:10 PM 04-29-2009
Let me add my voice to those hoping for the best. A prayer will be sent your way this evening.
HolmeZz 03:15 PM 04-29-2009
Very sad. ):

One of the posters I respected most on this site. My best goes to Jim and everyone close to him.
kregger 03:15 PM 04-29-2009
Thank you for posting this update. I'm sorry to hear about Jim. I wish him a peaceful end to his days and I send my sympathies to you and the rest of the family.
Jim was the first poster to teach me the ways of the Planet and I will never forget him for that reason alone. I will miss his insightful banter and football knowledge. Peace
Deberg_1990 03:16 PM 04-29-2009

Sorry to hear this news. Thoughts and prayers for him and his family.
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