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Nzoner's Game Room>Fuck!!!!!!!!! I just lost my job
Titty Meat 01:46 PM 03-24-2023
I just got blindsided folks. Manager and some HR lady pull me into a chat room and inform me they are letting me going due to company restructuring :-) I didn't see this coming at all I'm devastated and don't know what the fuck to do.
displacedinMN 02:58 PM 03-24-2023
Fired over chat...that is cruel.

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Jenson71 02:59 PM 03-24-2023
Sorry to hear, TM.

Depending on how tied down you are, have you considered taking another Greyhound trip?
BryanBusby 03:12 PM 03-24-2023
Any company that fires you in a chat room isn't a company you want to work for. They did you a favor, even though it may not seem like it today.

Dust yourself off and find something better.
ModSocks 03:13 PM 03-24-2023
Fired in a chat message?

Jesus fuck that's some real pussy shit. Your ex-boss is a coward.
KCUnited 03:16 PM 03-24-2023
Directors getting fired via chat

What a time to be alive
Megatron96 03:20 PM 03-24-2023
Originally Posted by Cosmos:
Been part of reorgs over 5 decades…

Get your resume updated.

Reflect on your desires and skills.

Let EVERYBODY know you are looking.

File for benefits, now…even if you are getting a sepp package.

Take 2 weeks and get away, refresh.

Look into upgrading your skills.

Keep your head up…it’s them, not you.

Good luck bud.
This is the best plan.

And take that week or two to 'refresh,' or whatever. That's just about the most important thing on the list. I'd go fishing for a few days, some might take a mini-vacation, whatever. But don't just sit around the house for two weeks. Pick something you've wanted to do (that isn't stupid expensive) and go do it; take advantage of the opportunity.

it'll also give you a chance to think in different surroundings, which can help, for whatever reason.

Anyway, that pause often allows your mind to reset, and can lead to better choices going forward.

Good hunting.
Pablo 03:20 PM 03-24-2023
I hope you responded back with a dick pic in that chat.

Look at what you're ain't findin' another hawg like this anytime soon.
TribalElder 03:23 PM 03-24-2023
prayers sent

molotov the office on your way out
raybec 4 03:27 PM 03-24-2023
Originally Posted by Detoxing:
Fired in a chat message?

Jesus **** that's some real pussy shit. Your ex-boss is a coward.
Billay, do you work remotely? I guess I can understand them firing you over chat if you do. But that would be the only acceptable way that should happen.
KCUnited 03:28 PM 03-24-2023
Director is the new 4.2 40 with a 14” dong
Pablo 03:30 PM 03-24-2023
For real though, sorry to hear that Bill.

Bounce back, it's the only option bruh!!
BigRedChief 03:30 PM 03-24-2023
Originally Posted by Titty Meat:
I was a director of scheduling for a tech company. I have a background in logistics.
Dude those are desirable skills in the market. Update the resume. If you want me to help with the resume, PM me. Get on LinkedIn. Post the updated resume on the job boards. You’ll get calls from recruiters.
MarkDavis'Haircut 03:32 PM 03-24-2023
I can't Belize this happened to you.
MarkDavis'Haircut 03:33 PM 03-24-2023
I bet the aliens abducted your boss.
FlaChief58 03:37 PM 03-24-2023
Did you get on your knees and beg for....

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