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DJ's left nut 12:12 PM 01-04-2022
So this morning Yahoo Fantasy makes a stat correction moving Buffalo's defense from 13 points surrendered up to 15. In standard scoring leagues, that's takes 3 points away from Buffalo's defense.

The reason they did it is because the special teams for Buffalo gave up the safety rather than the offense. And really, that's probably the RIGHT decision.

Here's the problem: Per Yahoo rules in effect all season, safeties don't count against the defense. Yahoo changed their rules about an hour after they issued the stat correction to 'clarify' that safeties surrendered by the special teams DO count. But that's simply not been the way that rule has been written all year, it simply said that safeties don't count.

It actually flipped the title outcome in one of my leagues. Now the respective managers are probably going to play against each other in Week 18 to get a winner, but what say you?

I'm torn. The rule as changed is clearly the better rule. If Buffalo had gotten a special teams touchdown, they'd have gotten credit for that. So if their STs surrenders a safety, that should count as well. But better or not, that's not how the rule was written.

Fucking Yahoo...
DJ's left nut 05:28 PM 01-08-2022
Originally Posted by tyecopeland:
Yahoo is the best fantasy platform among espn, nfl and cbs.

I'd be sad if it went away.

Every couple of years we would get irritated and try some other platform. I even have a league on ESPN.

Yahoo is just better than the other guys. No, I don't love having to use them for anything, but until someone builds a better mousetrap, it is what it is.
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