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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>*** 2021 Prospect Tracker: Chiefs Interest / Visits / Work Outs ***
Dante84 09:38 AM 02-08-2021
After a hard fought season defending the title, we fell short in the finale due to some critical holes that need to be addressed. Sure, we'll get some guys back at some of these spots, but we absolutely need this draft to be successful if we are to keep our status as a SB favorite in the years ahead.

O-Line, Edge, WR stand out as our biggest needs, among others. Let's hope Veach works his magic again.

This is the 10th year in a row that we will be tracking the college players the Chiefs have publicly or privately expressed interest in leading up to the NFL Draft.

This will be a more difficult challenge given that there will be no combine, only the Senior Bowl, various Pro Days and virtual visits.

Here's how we did in 2020 - Clyde was our only hit, surprisingly.

For those who are new, the way this operates is that we collectively monitor various social media sources, blogs, articles and reports for news of the Chiefs' interest in a certain player. When posted in this thread, I will update the OP to include the player. *Please provide the link to the article, the players name, position and team.

I am going to try to link to player profiles when they exist, courtesy of The Draft Network, other site write up, or their team's website.

Let's meet some of our future Chiefs:

2020 Draft - Chiefs Prospect Tracker


Pooka Williams, Kansas
Jaret Patterson, Buffalo
Elijah Mitchell, Louisiana

Josh Palmer, Tennessee
Austin Watkins, UAB
Nico Collins, Michigan

Brevin Jordan, Miami

Teven Jenkins, Oklahoma State

Sam Cooper, Merrimack

Drake Jackson, Kentucky

Greg Newsome, Northwestern
Asante Samuel, Jr., Florida State

Paris Ford, Pittsburgh

DE / Edge
Wyatt Hubert, Kansas State
Daelin Hayes, Notre Dame
Payton Turner, Houston

Isaiah McDuffie, Boston College

Nick Bolton, Missouri
Anthony Butler, Liberty



Special Teams



Links to Past Years:
The Franchise 10:07 AM 02-23-2021

#Chiefs held virtual pre-draft meeting with Miami TE Brevin Jordan

— Charles Goldman (@goldmctNFL) February 23, 2021

staylor26 10:45 AM 02-23-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Donít tease me Veach!
KCChiefsFan88 01:28 PM 02-23-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Yes freaking please.

Jordanís production at Miami was inconsistent... mostly due to bad offensive systems/QBís until last season... but heís a physical freak who is WR-like similar to Kelce.
Dante84 05:03 PM 02-27-2021
Updated, thanks!

Going to be tough this year to get a solid list but we'll do what we can
gonefishin53 05:30 PM 02-27-2021
His position should be OW, offensive weapon. Would thrive in Andy's scheme, imo.
thabear04 11:23 PM 02-27-2021
If he there at 31 do the Chiefs take him or pick up someone else up.
bigjosh 09:12 AM 02-28-2021
According to nfl trade rumors...

gonefishin53 05:19 PM 03-01-2021
2021 pro day schedule with notable players listed.
RunKC 02:25 PM 03-03-2021
Teven Jenkins

Oklahoma State OT Teven Jenkins is a bonafide first round pick. An incredible player that's easy to love on tape.

He'll meet/has met virtually w/ #Cardinals, #Chiefs, #Broncos, #Ravens, #Colts, #Patriots, #Buccaneers, #Jets, #Bills, #Jaguars, #Titans, #Packers, #Saints & #49ers.

— Justin M (@JustinM_NFL) March 3, 2021

MahomesMagic 08:10 AM 03-04-2021
Originally Posted by RunKC:
Teven Jenkins

Reminds me of Cody Ford. Unfortunately I was way too high on Cody...
Chris Meck 12:45 PM 03-04-2021
man Brevin with Kelce would be pretty unfair.
Dante84 02:13 PM 03-04-2021
Updated, thanks!
Tribal Warfare 12:59 PM 03-05-2021

Kansas RB Pooka Williams, who just wrapped up his Pro Day workout today, says he had some predraft talks with the Chiefs. Williams, however, says they "didn't really talk too long."

— Herbie Teope (@HerbieTeope) March 5, 2021

Buehler445 05:58 PM 03-05-2021
Pooka is a good player, but I don't think he's got a lot rattling around that dome of his.
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