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The Lounge>**** Official Chiefs VS Colts Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread ****
Mr. Flopnuts 10:23 PM 01-06-2019
You're a bunch of superstitious children. Enjoy the Lamar Hunt trophy game from Arrowhead Stadium 2 weeks from today. Their Luck ran out. Our time is now.
KC Tattoo 01:25 PM 01-13-2019
Nice run Wiliams Colts gave up
KC Tattoo 01:27 PM 01-13-2019

KC Tattoo 01:29 PM 01-13-2019
31 to 13 dumb bitches

fucking A
KC Tattoo 01:30 PM 01-13-2019
Wiliams touchdown was like

KC Tattoo 01:36 PM 01-13-2019
KC Tattoo 01:37 PM 01-13-2019
Another incomplete in the endzone

We are going win this contest

another incomplete yip yip yip
KC Tattoo 01:38 PM 01-13-2019
Na na naah na hey hey hey good bye

Well Bye Andre Luck and the Colts A circus monkey could have done a better job

Pitt Gorilla 02:05 PM 01-13-2019
Originally Posted by KC Tattoo:
Eric Murray with a nice tackle stopping the run

I think he is under rated on Chiefs Planet

he had to fill in for Eric Berry but where is Eric Berry when you need him ?
He really is. Hes got the speed and coverage skills to be really good.
RunKC 06:09 PM 01-14-2019
This is so beautiful

Pre-snap motion / play-action just ruined Colts defense. Watch 2nd level here

— Ben Baldwin (@benbbaldwin) January 14, 2019

Hammock Parties 06:20 PM 01-14-2019
Look at the anticipation on that throw, though.

Fucking incredible.
suzzer99 08:26 PM 01-14-2019
Originally Posted by BDj23:
I got wasted last night and spent $800 on AFC championship game tickets.
Good call!
suzzer99 09:47 PM 01-14-2019
Originally Posted by Superturtle:
What happened on that punt that the Colts got a penalty on? Running into the kicker but it looked like it was tipped?
Yeah that was weird. I thought it might have been tipped too. Surprised the Colts didn't challenge.
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