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Dante84 05:40 PM 02-22-2023
2022 Recap
In our 5th straight home AFC Championship game, we avenged the '22 loss to the Bengals and went to our 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years, winning the whole damned thing.

It was a "re-tooling" year, stemming from Veach's decision to cut ties with long time starters like Tyrann Matheiu, Charvarius Ward, Daniel Sorenson, and most notably, Tyreek Hill. The talking heads wrote us off before the season began when the rest of the AFC West spent half a billion dollars to take us down, but we didn't write back.

Instead, Veach and co put on an elite performance in the offseason, bringing in some notable FA's (Reid, Dunlap, JJSS, MVS) and absolutely crushing the draft. Of our 10 picks, 9 played significant snaps and there was extreme value found late in the draft. Additionally, there was a mid-season move to acquire Kadarius Toney and it paid off when it counted most.

Two years ago, Veach attacked the OL in the offseason with incredible results. Last year, he attacked the secondary and infused it with youth, setting that position group up for years. This year, there's an opportunity to overhaul both the DLine and the WR rooms.

In addition to the Draft & FA decisions, there are some contract decisions to be made on our own high-impact players, like OBJ, Chris Jones, Sneed, and Gay.

This is the 12th year in a row that we will be tracking the college players the Chiefs have publicly or privately expressed interest in leading up to the NFL Draft.

No dancing around it - last year, this thread has a poor showing, but not for lack of trying. Cards were held tightly to the vest, as many of the draft picks revealed that they had, in fact, met with the Chiefs. It was just never reported. The only "hit" was a PS QB in Chris Oladokun, who was drafted by the Steelers and snagged after final cuts.

For those who are new: the way this operates is that we collectively monitor various social media sources, blogs, articles and reports for news of the Chiefs' interest in a certain player. When posted in this thread, I will update the OP to include the player. *Please provide the link to the article, the players name, position and team.

I am going to try to link to player profiles when they exist, courtesy of The Draft Network, other sites' write ups, or their team's website.

Let's meet some of our future Chiefs:

2022 Draft - Chiefs Prospect Tracker

Logan Bonner, Utah State

Tyjae Spears, Tulane
Deuce Vaughn, Kansas State

Xavier Smith, Florida A&M
Jalin Hyatt, Tennessee
Ronnie Bell, Michigan
Tre Tucker, Cincinnati
Jacory Rankin, Mississippi Valley State
Nathaniel Dell, Houston
Rashee Rice, SMU
Quentin Johnston, TCU
Peter Afful Jr., Washburn
Jadon Haselwood, Arkansas
Colton Dowell, Tennessee-Martin
Zay Flowers, BCU

Dalton Kincaid, Utah
Josh Whyle, Cincinnati
Leonard Taylor, Cincinnati
Daniel Barker, Michigan State

Wanye Morris, Oklahoma
Tyler Steen, Alabama
Anthony Bradford, LSU
Broderick Jones, Georgia
Darnell Wright, Tennessee
Jordan McFadden, Clemson
Trevor Reid, Louisville
Jake Witt, Northern Michigan
Anton Harrison, Oklahoma
Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland
Earl Bostick Jr., Kansas

Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse
John Ujukwu, Boise State
Ryan Hayes, Michigan
Jerome Carvin, Tennessee
Anthony Bradford, LSU
Cooper Hodges, Appalachian State

Rejzohn Wright, Oregon State
Arquon Bush, Cincinnati
Julius Brents, Kansas State
Cam Smith, South Carolina
Jerrick Reed II, New Mexico
Ekow Boye-Doe, Kansas State
Kahlef Hailassie, Western Kentucky

Daniel Scott, University of California, Berkley
Alex Cook, Washington
Jason Taylor II, Oklahoma State
Jerrick Reed, New Mexico State

DE / Edge
Derick Hall, Auburn
Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame
Nolan Smith, Georgia
Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Kansas State
Lonnie Phelps, Kansas
DJ Johnson, Oregon
Ikenna Enechukwu, Rice
Andrew Farmer II, Lane
BJ Thompson, Stephen F. Austin
Will McDonald, Iowa State
Truman Jones, Harvard
Jose Ramirez, Eastern Michigan

Daiyan Henley, Washington State
DeMarvion Overshown, Texas
Noah Sewell, Oregon
Jeremy Banks, Tennessee
Micah Baskerville, LSU

Gervon Dexter, Florida
Desjuan Johnson, Toledo
Brodric Martin, Western Kentucky
Deslin Alexandre, Pitt
Jalen Carter, Georgia
Mazi Smith, Michigan

Keeanu Benton, Wisconsin
Dante Stills, West Virginia
Adetomiwa Adebawore, Northwestern
Caleb Sampson, Kansas

Special Teams
Adam Korsak, Rutgers



Links to Past Years:

Dante84 07:59 AM 04-12-2023

��Arkansas WR Jadon Haselwood has met virtually with the #Packers, #Bengals, #Texans, #Seahawks, and #Falcons, per source.

I’m told that he has a lunch meeting scheduled with the #Chiefs.

Haselwood hauled in 59 catches for 702 yards last season with the Razorbacks, leading…

— Tanner Phifer (@TannerPhiferNFL) April 12, 2023

[Reply] 08:30 AM 04-12-2023
Dante84 09:33 AM 04-12-2023
Originally Posted by

Maryland OT Jaelyn Duncan has a Top 30 with the Kansas City Chiefs today, a source said.

Athletic lineman that showcased well at the Senior Bowl.

— Ryan Fowler (@_RyanFowler_) April 12, 2023

Dante84 09:33 AM 04-12-2023

The #Chiefs are set to have a pre-draft meeting with a ball-hawking Big 12 safety, per report.

— Chiefs Wire (@TheChiefsWire) April 12, 2023

[Reply] 09:38 AM 04-12-2023
I'd take Duncan in the 2nd/3rd round and put him at RT.
Dante84 09:41 AM 04-12-2023

Jason Taylor II, Oklahoma State S
Jerrick Reed, New Mexico State S
Jadon Haselwood, Arkansas WR
Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland OT
Anthony Bradford, LSU IOL
(Cooper Hodges to IOL)
(Earl Bostick to T)

We're up to 34 Offense, 37 Defense for a total of 71 players.
Dante84 09:47 AM 04-12-2023
For context, we had 51 in 2022 and 19 in 2021, and 74 in 2020.

If we add a few more guys in the coming weeks, we'll be back to normal, baby.
Tribal Warfare 04-12-2023, 11:23 AM
This message has been deleted by Tribal Warfare.
Dante84 11:49 AM 04-12-2023

#Michigan DL Mazi Smith is on a Top 30 visit today with the #Bills today, source said. He's had over 20 meetings or visits with teams, including the #Chiefs and #Steelers meeting with him at Michigan. Among others: #Bears, #Eagles, #Cowboys, #AZCardinals, and #Saints.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) April 12, 2023

kccrow 05:11 PM 04-12-2023
Originally Posted by Dante84:
Veach saw my 6th-round pick in the CP mock and said yep, we gotta get a good look at that kid. Nailed it. Hahhahahahaa. I do like him though but he's been getting 4th/5th round grades so I think I got him way later than is likely.
kccrow 05:13 PM 04-12-2023
Originally Posted by Dante84:
For context, we had 51 in 2022 and 19 in 2021, and 74 in 2020.

If we add a few more guys in the coming weeks, we'll be back to normal, baby.
Hell yeah. Good work once again.

I do know that David Carr said we had interest in Jahmyr Gibbs at the Senior Bowl on one of his TV blips but I have not been able to find something to give you to verify for this exercise. Just call it a micro-note to put in the back of your head if it were to happen.
bigjosh 07:43 PM 04-12-2023
Do you think the chiefs not meeting with JSN means that they aren’t interested/ and dont think they have a chance to get him, or are they hiding their true draft crush and are planning to jump the whole NFL to go get him in the top 12 Mahomes style?

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kccrow 12:29 AM 04-13-2023
Originally Posted by bigjosh:
Do you think the chiefs not meeting with JSN means that they aren’t interested/ and dont think they have a chance to get him, or are they hiding their true draft crush and are planning to jump the whole NFL to go get him in the top 12 Mahomes style?

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We don't hear about every meeting and visit. It's probable they did at least have him get checked by the medical staff and I'm sure they at least talked to him informally.
The Franchise 09:13 AM 04-13-2023
I could be mistaken but teams don't really blow their top 30 visits on players that they really love. Sure, they could bring him in to talk to him and put him through some board work but it's usually reserved for guys they have questions on.
Tribal Warfare 04:03 PM 04-13-2023

Completed Top 30 visits for Oregon edge DJ Johnson, per source.

• Kansas City
• Carolina
• Atlanta
• Dallas
• Cleveland
• Las Vegas

Will finish up his pre-draft visits in San Francisco tomorrow.

— Ryan Fowler (@_RyanFowler_) April 12, 2023

In58men 09:33 AM 04-14-2023

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