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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>Are you going to take the vaccine?
GloryDayz 08:48 AM 12-01-2020
I know I'm going to try to be first in line, but what about the rest of you? I'm not sure if the death count is where the science community wants it to be, plus Birdbrain hasn't been sworn in, so I expect there will be delays, but that's beside the point.

You can be honest.
Just Passin' By 01:43 PM 06-23-2022
RaidersOftheCellar 03:06 PM 06-23-2022
5th Largest US Life Insurance Company Total Claims Payouts Increased by $6 Billion!

Lincoln National is the fifth-largest life insurance company in the US. The company paid out more than $28 billion for all direct claims in 2021, which is $6 billion more than in 2020, when it paid out a total of $22 billion in the year of the ‘pandemic’. Lincoln National paid out $23 billion in 2019, the baseline year. The data indicates that fewer people died in 2020, during the ‘pandemic’, compared to the previous year. Additionally, there was a huge uptick in death payments in 2021 when the COVID-19 injections were introduced. Short and long-term disability claims are also on the rise. Prudential and Northwestern Mutual have also reported significant increases — increases much larger in 2021 than in 2020, indicating that the vaccines, which should have saved lives, are the likely cause of excess deaths.

Highest death rates ever seen in the history of the life insurance business in '21, yet a lower death rate in '20 than the previous year.

Bowser 03:31 PM 06-23-2022
Originally Posted by louie aguiar:
Just stop talking! Send a text instead

Wearing masks inside by yourself makes more sense than this bullshit.
RetiredSeniorChief 05:03 PM 06-24-2022

LiveSteam 05:16 PM 06-24-2022
I coughed a few times today
Scary shit
RetiredSeniorChief 10:18 PM 06-24-2022
A Brazilian beauty queen has died at 27 after suffering a brain hemorrhage and a heart attack following a routine operation to have her tonsils removed. Gleycy Correia — who was crowned Miss United Continents Brazil in 2018 — passed away this week at a hospital in the Brazilian city of Macaé.

MahomesMagic 06:17 AM 06-25-2022

This just won “Best Pickup Line of 2022”

— Del Bigtree (@delbigtree) June 24, 2022

Wisconsin_Chief 06:59 AM 06-25-2022
Originally Posted by MahomesMagic:
I don't care what side of the fence you're on regarding the vaccine, if you don't think this is funny there's something wrong with you. :-)
RaidersOftheCellar 07:26 AM 06-25-2022
So a few corporations with sordid histories refused to manufacture experimental shots until every gov’t in the world shielded them from liability, tried to hide the data for 75 years, and are profiting $100 million per day.

Imagine thinking that safety and transparency was the highest priority.

Covidian Logic. :-)
Just Passin' By 04:18 PM 06-25-2022

RetiredSeniorChief 10:10 AM 06-26-2022
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
The Gubmint loves you; they would never tell you a lie. You can believe and parrot anything they say with 100% confidence, that is why private corporations must censor anything that is not Gubmint approved info.
GloryDayz 01:52 PM 06-26-2022
Originally Posted by Just Passin' By:
The lady in the background with the white top and mask needs my D in her V.
RaidersOftheCellar 02:48 PM 06-26-2022
Shock: Doctor Warns That Majority Of Vaccinated Patients Could Have Permanent Heart Damage, Some May Die Within Three Years

by Adan Salazar

Dr. Charles Hoffe found 62% percent of patients who received COVID mRNA jab test positive for blood clots...'The those people will probably all develop right-sided heart failure within three years and die because they now have increased vascular resistance through their lungs.

A Canadian doctor demands further study into the link between Covid-19 vaccines and blood clots after his research found clots in a majority of vaccinated patients, some of whom he says could be dead within three years. During a Zoom meeting with other medical professionals, Dr. Charles Hoffe explained he’s been running a study on recently vaccinated patients, having them take D- dimer blood tests to determine whether they have blood clots.


“So far I’ve got 62 percent positive elevated D-dimer, which means that the blood clots are not rare,” Hoffe informed fellow physicians. “That’s what the so-called experts keep telling us: ‘The clots are rare.’ The big ones are rare, but the small ones are clearly happening in the majority of people, 62 percent.”

Dr. Hoffe says the clots, which could number in the thousands and are hard to detect due to their microscopic size, are caused by messenger RNA molecules in the vaccine which cause spike proteins to form, which in turn attach to the cell walls of a cell impeding blood flow and damaging blood vessels.

So normally the cells that surround your blood vessels have to be very, very smooth to enable good and unimpeded flow of blood, but as soon as you’ve got all these little spike proteins that become part of the cell wall it’s now a rough surface. It’s going to be like a very coarse sandpaper. It’s now what the platelets are going to interpret as a damaged vessel. It’s no longer smooth. It’s rough. So clotting is inevitable because the platelets that come down that vessel are going to hit a rough spot and assume this must be a damaged vessel. This vessel needs to be blocked to stop the bleeding. That’s how our clotting works. So...because of this and because of the nature of this, clots are inevitable, because of these spike proteins in the capillary networks.

The damaged vessels don’t regenerate like other tissues and organs and instead remain permanently damaged, and because the clots are so tiny and scattered they bypass typical medical detection methods.

Hoffe, who was put under a gag order by the Canadian government after warning about the concerning trend, says this process could be why nearly all vaccinated people experience similar negative side effects.

“In fact, all of the frequent side effects of the shot, which are headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, could all be signs of cerebral thrombosis on a capillary level. I mean...literally you could be having thousands and thousands of tiny, tiny little clots in your brain that won’t show on a scan, but they will give you those exact symptoms,” Hoffe stated.

The doctor also detailed how six of his vaccinated patients have all suffered “reduced effort tolerance,” meaning they get tired quicker while doing normal everyday activities.

“So I believe that these people blocked up thousands and thousands of capillaries in their lungs, in these six people. So I believe these people now have permanently damaged lungs because...I mean, that’s why they get out of breath,” Dr. Hoffe related.

Hoffe says the damaged vessels and damaged lung tissue are a big problem that would lead to “pulmonary artery hypertension,” or high blood pressure in the lungs and death within three years due to increased vascular resistance.
“The concern is: because these vessels are now permanently damaged in a person’s lungs, when the heart tries to pump blood through all those damaged vessels there’s increased resistance trying to pump the blood through those lungs.”

“So those people are going to develop something called ‘pulmonary artery hypertension’ – high blood pressure in their lungs, and the concern with that is that those people will probably all develop right- sided heart failure within three years and die because they now have increased vascular resistance through their lungs.”

Whether there’s truth to this or not….one thing is certain. I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about it.

Covidians can put on a fake front every day and pretend to play it cool while dismissing all the signs….but they’re worried. At least those with a shred of sense.
There’s a reason they’ve become way less vocal and supportive of their experimental miracles. And why many of them stopped after a jab or two. Either reality has sunk in, or they’ve experienced unnerving side effects, or both.

They could earn a lot of respect by reversing course and helping other people to avoid making the same mistake, and to spread awareness about possible “cures,” but instead they choose to double down and deny reality. As the drive to mass-vaccinate kids charges forward and more and more unsuspecting people suffer. Pathetic cowards.
RetiredSeniorChief 11:19 PM 06-26-2022
A complete mystery as to what is going on here.

In Switzerland and Germany they are having the exact same problem — a sudden drop off of births exactly 9 months after the rollout of the shot.

— Gonzalo Lira (@GonzaloLira1968) June 26, 2022

MahomesMagic 04:21 AM 06-27-2022
Remember when Mao Ze Donger and Lawnmower Boy claimed 1 in a million AE?

Not even close.

🇨🇦Ontario reporting the highest rate of post vaccination myocarditis I've seen:
1/1287 (777/mill) in males 18-24 if they received Pfizer then Moderna within 30 days
Moderna >6x higher risk of myo than pfizer
This & the new study from France discussed 🧵

— Tracy Høeg, MD, PhD (@TracyBethHoeg) June 26, 2022

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