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Dunerdr 10:48 AM 09-09-2021
I figured we could use a place to discuss these things.
tyecopeland 11:14 AM 09-18-2021
Originally Posted by Kellerfox:
According to my favorite source for trade values, you come out ahead (in terms of value) in PPR formats and itís an even trade in standard scoring formats.

All that saidÖ

I donít personally like the trade. We all know Mixonís ceiling is top 3/4 RB, and he looked the part week 1. His ADP built in injury team concerns, and the perception of his current value still reflects those concerns. Drafting a top 3-4 RB in the late 2nd or early 3rd is how you win leagues.

I worry that that your post trade RB room will drive you crazy. Carson will miss a game or two with nagging injuries (though he does play through them a lot), Davis is on an abysmal team that has a pass first mentality (and may become RBC once Gallman is more integrated), Tyson is a UDFA RB whose only getting a shot because 3 RBs ahead of him were injured - and he now has 3 vets chasing him for playing time once they learn the systems - and he will have TDs cultured by Lamar, Jamal Williams will be book or bust based on game script and RBC with Swift, and Pollard isnít a reliable start unless Zeke is injured unless youíre happy with 5-8 points.

Mixon (if he stays healthy) gives you a consistent RB1 that will get 90% of snaps and touches.

Thomas is also way under valued because of his injuries and bone headed decisions, but when he gets healthy, he should absolutely feast in the Saints offense with Winston. We all know his history with Brees - he was a top 2 fantasy WR two years in a row. We obviously donít know how the season plays out and if/when he comes backÖ but if he does, thereís a good chance heís close to Tyreekís output on a week to week basis.

So I think I would personally stay Pat.
Originally Posted by Kellerfox:
Also, is Thomas on your IR currently? If so, who else are you going to drop to be able to have enough roster spots to complete the trade?
Yes. Thomas is on an ir spot but I have an empty bench spot currently. (Limit of 10 waiver adds for the season so I was just waiting for a week or two before filling the spot.)

And I had got Mixon with the 24th pick and was ecstatic that he fell to me. But I would have been more excited had hill fell to me.

Thomas value will rise as we get closer to him playing for sure which is why I drafted him, but the opportunity to use him already to get hill is worth it imo.

And yes, my rbs will be severely weakened. But as much as I wanted to believe in Mixon I'm not sure how value will be higher than it is right now. The Bengals o line did not look much better.

All in all, I think the only way I win the trade is by injury (to Mixon or zeke). But I'm not losing the trade badly either and I get to upgrade my wr1 to the #1 wr.
tyecopeland 11:17 AM 09-18-2021
Originally Posted by Kellerfox:
Do we think Saquon Barkley bounces back?

Iíve got a very thin RB room in one of my leagues (Barkley, Swift, Fournette, Drake) and am worried that I donít have a reliable RB1.

At WR I have Hill, Thielen, OBJ, Thomas, Mooney, and Gage.

Iím thinking of trying to package Barkley and Thomas or OBJ to see if I can get someone like Clyde, Mixon, or Carson.

Iíve got some anxiety that I trade Barkley away and he returns to form, but also anxiety that I sit and wait and his value plummets.

Any thoughts?
I dont think Barkley will be a top 10 rb. I don't trust the giants o line and they have a bunch of mouths to feed on the passing game. But I think he'll be better than where he's at right now.
tyecopeland 09:25 PM Yesterday
Ok. New trade proposal.

Different league.

I'd be trading away thielen, Carson, pollard

I'd be getting back hill, ceh, and a throwaway.

My roster is



J Williams

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