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Hall of Classics>Live 24/7 webcam of watering hole in Africa
chagrin 12:33 PM 11-11-2006
This is killer shit dudes. Nature in action, if you like wildlife, that is. Animals of all sorts come by and drink, bath or just hang out. Also around dawn or dusk is when the action is most frequent. You can see comets, falling stars at night, listen to the sounds of nature at it's best.

First I will post the link, then a photo from a scene the camera caught

Reaper16 10:37 PM 11-21-2006
Originally Posted by chagrin:
Were you kicking a 71 yard field goal?
Cross-thread humor :-)
Nah, I was busy throwing 3 picks to Colorado's insane secondary in the year 2014 in my dynasty. Good thing my ground game and defense are lights-out.
Bwana 07:51 AM 11-22-2006
stumppy 07:59 AM 11-22-2006
Seems like I heard raw monkey brain is a delicacy in some country.
Anyone ever hear that ?
stumppy 08:04 AM 11-22-2006

Back strap for everyone.
Bwana 08:22 AM 11-22-2006
Tastes like chicken I bet. :-)
djrcmay 09:00 AM 11-22-2006
stumppy 09:08 AM 11-22-2006
Probably more like cold spaghetti. :-)

Now that I think about it it was an old friend of mine who was in the Vietnam War back in the 60's.
What I remember him saying was that you sat at a table with a small hole cut in the center. It was latched on one side and hinged on the other. The monkey, still alive, had the table closed around it's neck. So that it's head was exposed on top of the table. You used a small wooden mallet to crack it's skull open so you could get to the brain.
Don't know, he could have been telling the truth, could have been full of shit too.

MMMMMMmmmm, monkey brain for breakfast.
Stinger 10:17 PM 11-22-2006
Giraffe and zebra sighting
cdcox 10:34 PM 11-22-2006
Zebra's still on, going on 15 minutes now.

I wonder if the lions know its Thanksgiving?
007 10:38 PM 11-22-2006
When was the last attack?
cdcox 10:40 PM 11-22-2006
Antelope on the menu.
cdcox 10:47 PM 11-22-2006
We got multiple antelope, zebra and giraffe, all in one frame. Best shot I've seen so far.
BigRedChief 10:56 PM 11-22-2006
big frigging giraffe. Wheres those tigers
2112 10:41 PM 11-24-2006
We have is moving..we have action
BigRedChief 07:14 PM 11-26-2006
bump for inclusion in the Hall of Fame
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