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The Gonzo Lounge>*****The Joshua Kaindoh Thread*****
Dante84 11:52 AM 05-01-2021
More to come!

Originally Posted by :
Kaindoh (pronounced cane-dough) was tabbed as one of the top defensive end prospects in the country and a USA Today first-team All-American after spending his senior season at IMG Academy. The Baltimore native flashed talent in his first two years in Tallahassee, earning playing time in all 13 games of his true freshman season (17 tackles, 6.5 for loss, with four sacks) and then starting once in 12 appearances in 2018 (19 tackles, 4.5 for loss, with three sacks). Kaindoh appeared in three games with one start in his junior campaign (nine tackles, 2.5 for loss, with one sack) but was lost for the rest of the year with a lower leg injury. He started eight games in 2020, making 13 tackles, three for loss, and returned an interception for a touchdown. -- by Chad Reuter

Former five-star defensive end who looks the part but doesn't have the production to go with the traits. Kaindoh has good length but is inconsistent in activating it properly, as his upper-body strength falls a little short. He doesn't have the natural gait and fluid movements of fellow FSU defensive end prospect Janarius Robinson and tends to stay blocked once his opponent gets into his frame. There are occasional flashes as a rusher, but if he doesn't take an early lead, he's unlikely to get home. He might be worth a look later in the draft based purely upon the traits.
  • Long, NFL-caliber frame with even more room for muscle.
  • Adequate upfield spring off the snap and into neutral zone.
  • Initial quickness and body lean help him knife into B-gap on slants.
  • Uses length to separate and set the edge.
  • Capable of getting from one edge to the other with his rush counter.
  • Speed-to-power conversion potential as a pro.
  • Length could become more effective rush weapon with work.
  • Has dealt with injuries and made just 10 career starts.
  • Looked as though he were favoring left ankle at times.
  • Play tends to be segmented and lacks athletic fluidity.
  • Doesn't use size traits to command the rep.
  • Below-average rush with only one sack in his last 11 games.
  • Inaccurate hand slaps fail to open outside rush lanes.
  • Not enough bend to dip below punch at top of the rush.
  • Runs out of gas during chase.

MahomesMagic 12:00 PM 05-01-2021
Hasn't played much but we're rolling the dice on upside here.
MightyMouse 12:00 PM 05-01-2021
About the best you can do at Edge this late. He won’t help much this year but could be a steal for years to come. People will get down on his likely 2021 production but this is a pick for the future, he has the best ceiling of any DE left. I would have gone Cade Johnson but I don’t hate this.
Chris Meck 12:02 PM 05-01-2021
Man. If you look at his size, he looks the part.

Then you look at his scores. Damn!

Yeah, this is a really high upside pick. Like, if you can coach this kid up, he'll be a star

If not, well, you know. 4th round pick. Whatever.

There were guys I preferred, but I was looking at production and video.

But this guy has all the tools.
The Franchise 12:03 PM 05-01-2021
It’s PFF....but here you go.

"One of my favorite developmental edge prospects in this draft class." #Chiefs got a potential GEM@PFF_Mike on Joshua Kaindoh

Watch now:

— PFF Draft (@PFF_College) May 1, 2021

carcosa 12:04 PM 05-01-2021
Coach 12:04 PM 05-01-2021
I will say that 10 yard split (1.58) is very good for a Edge though.
Dante84 12:05 PM 05-01-2021
Didn't have this guy on my radar at all.

Initial thought: Oh, shit, I hope we didn't just take Tanoh again.

Secondary thought: Maybe with the pressure that Reed and Jones will bring up the middle, they anticipate QB's having to roll out more often, and this dude's wingspan is like 10 yards thus ruining more plays.
staylor26 12:06 PM 05-01-2021
That 1.58 10 yard split at his size is fantastic.

We got a Sneed type of prospect again in the 4th guys. That doesn’t mean we’ll hit on it, but the upside is there.
Chris Meck 12:06 PM 05-01-2021
He's a freak athlete.

Let's see what Daly does with him.

He's sort of the anti-Mike Danna.

MahomesKnows 12:07 PM 05-01-2021
Looks like he's got a CAN DO attitude! Never heard of him but the highlights lol great. I'm sure he'll be ok.
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 12:07 PM 05-01-2021
So Clark, Taco, Danna and Kandoih
RunKC 12:08 PM 05-01-2021
Only 10 career starts
Broke dick
Zero sacks in 7 games last season

Yeah not exactly thrilled with this. Adetokunbo Ogundeji Was a way better option IMO
The Franchise 12:09 PM 05-01-2021
He wasn’t the guy I wanted but they took a DE and I can see why they think he has upside. It’s a meh pick to me but I’m still good with it.
tredadda 12:09 PM 05-01-2021
Trust the process. Late 4th rounders are going to be project players. If he plays above his draft status then KC gets a steal. If not they didn't lose much.
staylor26 12:09 PM 05-01-2021
Originally Posted by RunKC:
Only 10 career starts
Broke dick
Zero sacks in 7 games last season

Yeah not exactly thrilled with this. Adetokunbo Ogundeji Was a way better option IMO
Dumb take. The injuries and lack of production are the only reason you’re getting him at 144.

The Danna pick looked as “meh” as it gets and look how that turned out. Kaindoh is a significantly better prospect than Danna.
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