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The Lounge>Is CEH a JAG?
lewdog 06:47 AM 09-20-2021
Is Clyde just another guy?

Iím writing a dissertation on this.

Marcellus 05:16 PM 12-01-2021
Originally Posted by BigBeauford:
For my money, CEH looks like the worst back between the 3. Gore makes beautiful cutbacks and seems quicker, and DW has more power.
Ill gladly take your money because you couldn't possibly be more wrong, LOL.

Hell Gore got cut and made it through waivers FFS.

If we cut CEH he would be on the first team in line on the waiver wire.

Im not sure Williams would even get claimed.
Marcellus 05:17 PM 12-01-2021
Originally Posted by penguinz:
What you refuse to look at is the ROI. What CEH has shown so far does not come close to matching his draft position. A first round RB should be well above average and will show that ability pretty quickly. Clyde has shown to just barely be above average.
He was barely a 1st round pick.
JakeF 01:35 AM 12-02-2021
Originally Posted by Rasputin:
People don't have to like Clyde but I do and that he has a chance to prove himself second half of the season. if people want to call him a bust or jag half way his sophomore year and then he Excells. look who is going look stupid . I'm fine looking stupid if I'm wrong because I've seen enough football that players get better with practice determination and good coaching and we have best coaches in the business.
He's been getting 1st team reps and all the practice he can handle. The coaching is staying the same. The RB position is generally a quickly developing position. If a rookie RB doesn't get much practice time or reps, they might develop slow, but that doesn't apply to CEH. We have a better run blocking Oline now than we've had in a while. I'm not sure what you expect.
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