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stevieray 12:57 PM 04-25-2021
Original OP about Nzoner's heart attack last spring is archived here.


Latest on Kathy:

Originally Posted by Bugeater:
Well, coming out of the weekend, 3 straight days of bad news had me feeling like it was time to prepare for the worst. Thankfully, she proved me wrong, and it seems like things have stabilized for the moment. Her critical care Dr did say her lungs were sounding better as of yesterday, so that's a positive. However, it also sounds like he made it clear that she has a long road to recovery in front of her. But at least there's a shred of hope to cling to for the time being, I'll take it and be grateful for it.
Originally Posted by Bugeater:
Okay, didn't take too much investigation to learn that meals are an issue for him. So here's my plan:

I am going down on Sunday to visit with him and watch the game. The Mrs and I will to do some grocery shopping prior to that and possibly prepare some meals for him as well for me to deliver to him.

Here's how you can help:

I need food ideas: After his heart issues earlier this year, he is on a heart healthy diet. Low fat and low sodium. This is a bit out of my wheelhouse so if anyone has suggestions for food or meals, please post them here. Please keep meal suggestions simple, we're willing to spend some time preparing things but we can't spend 4 hours making a heart healthy version of Duck a l'orange.

You can donate: If you want to kick in some money to help cover grocery costs I certainly will welcome that. PM me for details. For transparency's sake I will post a list of donors in this thread, but you can remain anonymous if you wish. I will also provide photos of what I buy plus receipts so there's no questions about where your money went.

I do have a couple other ideas I am pursuing as well, just need to figure out if there's a way to bring them to fruition. More on that later.

JakeF 03:59 PM 11-24-2021
Wishing the family happiness, good health, and all the love in the world.
Chief Roundup 04:00 PM 11-24-2021
May God pull out all the efforts to save this woman and bless this family.
Buehler445 10:44 PM 11-24-2021
Fuck man. Prayers.
Simply Red 10:47 PM 11-24-2021
Continued thoughts and prayers up and out to this family. They're really good people and I'm hoping for the best. Stay strong bud.
scho63 08:15 AM 11-25-2021
I've never interacted with NZoner and the Mrs in real life but from what I see on this board, they are real great people.

Extra prayers for Thanksgiving. :-)
Chiefs=Champions 08:56 AM 11-25-2021
In my thoughts. Hang in there.
Halfcan 07:04 PM 11-25-2021
Originally Posted by KS Smitty:
Last three days:

Kathy is doing about the same they're going to keep her on her back again.
I've made the decision after visiting with some family and medical professionals to move forward with the tracheotomy and feeding tube.
The doctor is a bit negative in my opinion talking about her quality of life but he doesn't know Kathy and what she's had to endure for 20+ years and I'm not giving up on God either.
She's also on lower sedation so if anyone would like to visit please reach out to me as I want her to continue to hear voices she knows. ❤️

I meet with the surgeon tomorrow morning between 7:30 and 8 and he will walk me through the tracheotomy and feeding tube procedure. My brother is coming with me to interpret.
It sounds as though they're going to try surgery tomorrow evening so please add to your prayers. ❤️

No surgery today she had a rough morning with heart rate oxygen etc. so much so the vent is back to 100% 😢

Sounds like she's having a down day, hoping things turn around.
:-) I hope she gets well soon. Best wishes!
GloryDayz 08:54 PM 11-25-2021
Deberg_1990 08:55 PM 11-25-2021
Prayers sent
Rukdafaidas 07:30 AM 11-26-2021
Continued prayers.
GloryDayz 08:14 AM 11-26-2021
Originally Posted by Rukdafaidas:
Continued prayers.
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