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Hall of Classics>***OFFICIAL Kansas City Royals Vs. Oakland A's Post Season Wild Card Thread 9/30***
gblowfish 11:01 PM 09-29-2014
Let me start by saying,
I ****ING hate Oakland.
I especially despise the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Fans, and today I especially despise their weak ass, carpetbagging "Oakland "A's" baseball team.
Glad you asked.
I'll tell you why:
Because I'm old enough to remember what happened here, and what has been stolen from us as a city.

Let me tell you a story from a long time ago:

CaliforniaChief 11:01 PM 09-29-2014
First. Yes.
Demonpenz 11:02 PM 09-29-2014
to long...go royals
RedDread 11:04 PM 09-29-2014
Sick. So excited for this. See you all at the game.
CaliforniaChief 11:04 PM 09-29-2014
The Art Howe OD was my favorite part. It is a bit TL;DR but the hatred is strong and what we need is some down home, pissed off, Kansas City rage.
cosmo20002 11:04 PM 09-29-2014
so in
chiefsfan987 11:05 PM 09-29-2014
Go Royals!!!!!
Strongside 11:07 PM 09-29-2014
Holy shit what a game thread. I won't be on tomorrow night boys. I'll be at the game attempting to scream as loud as I did tonight.

CaliforniaChief 11:07 PM 09-29-2014
I'd also love to see Ned Yost drop a double bird on Bob Melvin as he's headed back to the dugout after celebrating victory tomorrow night.

The mojo is real, you guys. We're fisting Oakland tomorrow. Hard.
gblowfish 11:11 PM 09-29-2014
Originally Posted by Demonpenz:
to long...go royals
It's been a long wait.
After 29 years, I had a lot to say.
I feel better now.
Let's do this.
cabletech94 11:19 PM 09-29-2014
let's go now.

gooooooooooooooo royals!!!!!!
MMXcalibur 11:22 PM 09-29-2014
I like both the Pirates and the Royals.

I know shit about baseball, but I casually root for both teams (and I stress the word "casually").

Mere coincidence they are both hosting wildcard games? Nah. Royals and Pirates will win! Tis' fate.
Hootie 11:23 PM 09-29-2014
that was awesome, George
blake5676 11:29 PM 09-29-2014
Hell f*cking yes!!!! Let's do this!!!!
Chiefspants 11:32 PM 09-29-2014
Finally, a salute that the A's are worthy of - not many deserve this win as much as you, George.

And for us younger fans, Lester's 2008 no hitter against us kicked off a torrid ESPN love affair and almost singlehandedly overturned one of the best starts the Royals had in decades. Lester has dominated us since and owned us during one of our worst stretches of the season (while he was with the Sox).

James and the Royals, for Kansas City, George, and all of the Royals contingent on Chiefsplanet, kick Oakland's ass tomorrow.
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