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In Memoriam>RIP Logical (Jim)
Son of Logical 02:39 PM 04-29-2009
Hello All,

As many of you know my Dad (Logical) has been in the hospital since January. He has been fighting a bunch of different problems, and it looked like he was going to beat it, and make it home. Unfortunately, in the past week things took a real turn for the worse. It is my understanding that he has at most two weeks left, but from what I can see myself, it probably won't be that long.

I know he really valued this board and a lot of the people on it. I wanted you all to know that he may of been a person that liked to stir things up, but he is one of the most caring people that this world has ever had to offer. He helped raise my sisters and I to be strong, loving, and intelligent people.

In these past few months, he has again found the Lord, and I strongly believe it is simply God calling him home. Please remember him for the good times, and do not judge him to harshly for the times he gave any of you heck.

He is my father, and a great man.

Thank You,


Update: My father passed away this morning at 7:30 am (pst). For the most part it was peaceful, my sisters and I were there with him to last second. He will be missed.

My sister read him many of your replies, and she told me he really enjoyed it. Thank you for all your kind words.
Raiderhater 12:58 PM 05-01-2009
My Lord, I've been away too long.....

Goodbye old friend.
burt 01:15 PM 05-01-2009
Please don't tell Jim he made me cry at work....again. Goodbye Logic, we didn't always get along....and I will miss you greatly.
ChiefsOne 01:19 PM 05-01-2009
Very sorry to hear and will miss the "Logical" post! Always entertaining.
PhillyChiefFan 01:25 PM 05-01-2009
Terrible news to read, very very sorry for your loss Titanman.

RIP Jim.
MahiMike 01:30 PM 05-01-2009
Sorry for your loss. Good luck to you and your family.
Valiant 02:11 PM 05-01-2009
So so sorry for you all.. RIP..
Pitt Gorilla 02:13 PM 05-01-2009
That is terrible news. Log was easily one of my favorite posters and seemed like a genuinely good person. I really do wish all of his family the very best.
HolmeZz 03:33 PM 05-01-2009

Just went back through all the rep comments Jim left me over the last couple of years.
Mr. Flopnuts 03:36 PM 05-01-2009
Jim helped me gain perspective in a variety of arenas. I'm stunned at how much it hurts to lose someone I never even met. This is gonna take some time to heal from. That in itself should be a testament to the kind of man Jim was.
stlchiefs 04:21 PM 05-01-2009
I'm sorry for your loss Mr. Titanman. RIP Logical.
KcMizzou 04:59 PM 05-01-2009
Really sorry to hear this. Best wishes to the family.
ROYC75 05:24 PM 05-01-2009
I'm sorry I found this thread so late. Rest in Peace Jim, you are sadly missed. But I find great peace and joy knowing that Jim found God before it was too late in his life. He was a fine man to be around and had one of the biggest hearts a man could have.
listopencil 05:39 PM 05-01-2009
He was one of the first people I interacted with on this board, and one of the reasons I kept coming back. I miss him already. RIP my friend.
Phobia 06:36 PM 05-01-2009
Jim was a huge fan of the Hall of Classics. Perhaps something could be done to honor him in name with that forum.

FWIW, Buster was the name of a dog. He was his dog's dad so the current forum name honoring both of our deceased is a bit of a misnomer.
Silock 06:40 PM 05-01-2009
RIP Logical

Not sure what else to say. That's terrible news.
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