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In Memoriam>RIP Logical (Jim)
Son of Logical 02:39 PM 04-29-2009
Hello All,

As many of you know my Dad (Logical) has been in the hospital since January. He has been fighting a bunch of different problems, and it looked like he was going to beat it, and make it home. Unfortunately, in the past week things took a real turn for the worse. It is my understanding that he has at most two weeks left, but from what I can see myself, it probably won't be that long.

I know he really valued this board and a lot of the people on it. I wanted you all to know that he may of been a person that liked to stir things up, but he is one of the most caring people that this world has ever had to offer. He helped raise my sisters and I to be strong, loving, and intelligent people.

In these past few months, he has again found the Lord, and I strongly believe it is simply God calling him home. Please remember him for the good times, and do not judge him to harshly for the times he gave any of you heck.

He is my father, and a great man.

Thank You,


Update: My father passed away this morning at 7:30 am (pst). For the most part it was peaceful, my sisters and I were there with him to last second. He will be missed.

My sister read him many of your replies, and she told me he really enjoyed it. Thank you for all your kind words.
Coach 02:40 PM 04-29-2009
I pray for the best....
Buck 02:41 PM 04-29-2009
Prayers go out to you, he, and the rest of your family.
Brock 02:41 PM 04-29-2009
Wow, I'm sorry to hear this. I gave Jim a ton of shit over the years, but I do pray he gets better.
Donger 02:42 PM 04-29-2009
I'm very sorry to hear that. Give Logical my best, and to you as well.
talastan 02:42 PM 04-29-2009
Prayers are on the way my friend
RJ 02:43 PM 04-29-2009
Thank you for posting. I'm sure that was hard. I've never been much for prayer but I will pray for your dad. God bless all of you.

BTW, your dad has meant a lot to this board. He is missed.
The Franchise 02:44 PM 04-29-2009
Damn....I feel for you and your family. Thoughts and prayers your way.
DeezNutz 02:45 PM 04-29-2009
All best to you and your family.

I always enjoyed the interactions that I had with Logical on this board.

I'm hoping for the best...
RealSNR 02:45 PM 04-29-2009
Man, it's hard to believe we will see the passing of two members in the same year (Buster's Dad and now Logical)

I pray you and your family find peace. And of course, my best wishes go out to Jim and his remaining time.
Archie Bunker 02:45 PM 04-29-2009
You all are in my prayers. Jim has always been one of the posters I've respected the most, I sincerely hope things turn around.
bogey 02:46 PM 04-29-2009
I have said a prayer for your family. I have always enjoyed what Logical brought to this board. I'm sorry for his ill-health and I'm sorry for you and your sister. I hope he's not suffering.
Ultra Peanut 02:47 PM 04-29-2009
Thanks for letting us know, and I'm sorry. If you can, let your father know that I, and a lot of people, are better off for having met him in any form.

This... I'm flabbergasted.
KCFalcon59 02:47 PM 04-29-2009
Many prayers to Jim and the family. God Bless!
luv 02:48 PM 04-29-2009
Wow. That's tough news. Sending good thoughts your way and best wishes to him for the time he has left.
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