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Media Center>Venom: Let there be Carnage
The Franchise 09:10 AM 05-10-2021

mkp785 04:14 PM 10-06-2021
Originally Posted by Gravedigger:
I wish it would've been 15 - 30 minutes longer to give Carnage a proper backstory and not just 3 minutes of animation. Tom Hardy was too cartoonish this time around, trying too hard to be funny, I felt the humor in the movie was more kid friendly than anything, so a film about Carnage being PG-13 just doesn't translate well, almost Alien vs Predator kind of a miss. If they made Cassidy a seven like serial killer and rated it R this movie would've been much better. The real reason to see this movie is for the last fight scene and the mid credit's scene, both of which you can find on YouTube pretty easily. I wish they would've left his love life out of this one, Carnage alone and how Venom helped create him would've been story enough, but for some reason they needed to bring back Michelle Williams and her boyfriend for some comic relief. It's entertaining, but unless you just want to go see a movie in the theaters, go see a matinee. I went because I love Venom, and they did a good job with Venom like they did in the first one, but the one thing that drives me crazy is that it's hard for me to understand what Venom says a good chunk of the time, and with how quickly him and Tom Hardy banter back and forth and how often he throws out quips, I will have to watch the movie again to catch those jokes.

They tried way too hard to make this kid friendly. WTF. Venom vs Carnage movie is like the last thing that needs to be PG13. Also what was with
I'm not even sure bringing this into the MCU can save it.
CoMoChief 05:55 PM 10-10-2021
This movie was borderline terrible.

Lazily written...almost like the script was written from a 12yr old.
CoMoChief 05:56 PM 10-10-2021
Originally Posted by Tribal Warfare:

The Axl Foley jacket was distracting too

Glad I wasn't the only one who was thinking this.
KurtCobain 08:02 PM 10-10-2021
I thought it was phenomenal. Fun watch.
Tribal Warfare 06:41 PM 10-19-2021

Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, explains how the Venom 2 post-credits scene came to be:

"There was a lot of coordination...between Sony and Marvel and the Venom team and the No Way Home team. We worked together on it."

— Screen Rant (@screenrant) October 19, 2021

Wallcrawler 07:27 PM 10-21-2021
Venom without the proper Spider Man backstory was always going to be sub par. Didn't care for the first one, and the second was just a terrible idea, followed by even more terrible execution.

Carnage has never, and will never be PG13 material. Combine this terrible idea with that absolute shit ending, really the only hope for ever seeing Carnage done justice is if the MCU can somehow introduce their universe's version of Cletus Kassidy.

Sony basicly used Carnage like a jerk off sock and tossed it. Fans of Carnage from the books should not only be insulted, but infuriated as well.
Fish 11:13 PM 11-15-2021
Watched this tonight. What a worthless turd. Shitty awkward humor. Bad acting. Waste of good symbiote characters.

I don't want them to tarnish the Spiderman story with this trash.
listopencil 09:10 AM 11-25-2021
Tried to watch this. Couldn't finish it. It's a bad movie.
Bowser 09:17 AM 11-25-2021
Give the MCU the rights to Venom and all associated characters and storylines. That's it, end of line.

As a matter of fact, all entities not named Marvel that have any hold on any Marvel character today should give every one of them back to Marvel so Fiege and D'Esposito can tell their stories in a correct and entertaining fashion within the MCU. Make this happen.
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