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In Memoriam>RIP Flopnuts
Hammock Parties 08:14 PM 05-10-2020
He has passed.
rabblerouser 09:44 PM 05-10-2020
Originally Posted by Easy 6:
Speaking of Milkman, he was battling late stage cancer last he checked in... hope hes all good
Demonpenz 09:46 PM 05-10-2020
He said whatever he thought. Most people that would be annoying but since he was a good dude it was ok. I didn't know he lost his mod spot here. That sucks. Chiefsplanet lost it's burst long time ago.
ChiTown 09:47 PM 05-10-2020
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
Apparently he had a heart attack.
Crap. He was far too young for that to happen. Thanks for the info.
Al Czervik 09:50 PM 05-10-2020
RIP Flop.....Such a good dude!!!
Bearcat 09:52 PM 05-10-2020
Originally Posted by Bugeater:
This is very sad. He was a genuinely good dude, always wore his emotions on his sleeve and he had a heart of gold. He had a very engaging personality, one of those people that when you meet in person, you immediately felt comfortable and wanted to be around him. It was very disappointing that he took the loss of his moderator position so personally that it all but ended his participation here and I think there was a lot of hard feelings about it. I really wish that could have been rectified somehow....but now it will never be.

Rest in peace big have been and always will be missed.
Well said... RIP. :-)
Dante84 09:52 PM 05-10-2020
Oh that fucking sucks. Really bummed to hear it.
Dartgod 09:54 PM 05-10-2020
Damn, I just read about this on Facebook. RIP Mike.
SPchief 10:02 PM 05-10-2020
Ok, this one stings. Peace
ShowtimeSBMVP 10:10 PM 05-10-2020
This is so sad. RIP
KC Dan 10:11 PM 05-10-2020
Son of a bitch.... RIP
Chiefs4TheWin 10:12 PM 05-10-2020
Wow! Condolences to the family and friends. Way too young. :-)

Thanks for the SoC movement.
Direckshun 10:13 PM 05-10-2020
Mike was such a fascinating guy.

His presence on social media was so aggressively positive, while aggressively open about the struggles he had been suffering through. Some of those struggles were personal demons, some of them were professional difficulties. But his attitude was almost always apocalyptically positive I am going to face these problems head on and I will slay each and every dragon I meet.

He was so, so open. I was only a follower and not a close friend but I could always tell how NOT full of himself he was. Yes, times are difficult. Yes, I will find a way to win and be happy. No, I am not perfect, and yes, I will always be a work in progress.

That attitude was always so endearing, and so utterly him. Im saddened by the idea of this outspoken, gregarious guy falling completely silent.

Im sorry we lost him. He seemed a good man and I always cared for him.
Chief Northman 10:14 PM 05-10-2020
RIP Flopnuts. Godspeed to his family.
Halfcan 10:19 PM 05-10-2020
Every encounter I ever had with him, whether on here, in person, or on Facebook was always positive. He had a great attitude and a wicked sense of humor. He was a loyal Chief fan and friend to many. RIP brother.
Sad 10:24 PM 05-10-2020
Man, that was not the news I needed to hear. Flop and I had a rather well publicized falling out on this board years back and I feel really bad we never squashed that beef. This shit always puts petty shit in to perspective and hopefully, if he can read this thread, he can know that I am sorry for saying the stuff I said about him and know that he had a heart of gold. Sigh. Truly heartbreaking news. RIP buddy, and if you're reading this somewhere, please know that I am sorry for being such a stubborn asshole.
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