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Dante84 12:02 AM 02-14-2024
2023 Recap

Thread Overview
This is the 13th year in a row that we will be tracking the college players the Chiefs have publicly or privately expressed interest in leading up to the NFL Draft.

Last year, we had a pretty solid showing with 4 hits: Felix Anudike-Uzomah, Rashee Rice, Wanye Morris & BJ Thompson. Let's run it back!

For those who are new: the way this operates is that we collectively monitor various social media sources, blogs, articles and reports for news of the Chiefs' interest in a certain player. When posted in this thread, I will update the OP to include the player. *Please provide the link to the article, the players name, position and team.

I am going to try to link to player profiles when they exist, courtesy of The Draft Network,, or their team's website.

Let's meet some of our future Chiefs:

2024 Draft - Chiefs Prospect Tracker

Bo Nix, Oregon
Jason Bean, Kansas

Bucky Irving, Oregon
Isaac Guarendo, Louisville
Rasheen Ali, Marshall
George Holani, Boise State
Carson Steele, UCLA
Cody Schrader, Missouri
Dylan McDuffie, Kansas
Jonathon Brooks, Texas
Nathaniel Peat, Missouri

Xavier Worthy, Texas
Joshua Cephus, UTSA
Anthony Gould, Oregon State
Brian Thomas Jr., LSU
Troy Franklin, Oregon
Terique Owens, Missouri State
Javon Baker, UCF
Phillip Brooks, K-State
Xavier Weaver, Colorado
Jalen McMillan, Washington
Harry Van Dyne, Indiana State
Tez Walker, North Carolina
Xavier Legette, South Carolina

Theo Johnson, Penn State
Ja'Tavion Sanders, Texas
Erik All, Iowa
Brock Bowers, Georgia
Ben Sinnott, K-State
Mason Fairchild, Kansas
Tanner Mclachlan, Arizona

Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State
Patrick Paul, Houston
Travis Glover, Georgia State
Blake Larson, Augustana University
Garrett Greenfield, South Dakota State
Jordan Morgan, Arizona
Kingsley Suamataia, BYU
Caedan Wallace, Penn State
OT Donovan Jennings, USF
Giovanni Manu, University of British Columbia

Christian Mahogany, Boston College
Ryan Atkins, UA Pine Bluff
Hayden Gillum, K-State
Jake Johanning, Furman
Christian Duffie, K-State
Clark Barrington, Baylor
Cooper Beebe, Kansas State
Javon Foster, Missouri
KT Leveston, K-State
Marcellus Johnson, Missouri
Mike Novitsky, Kansas
Xavier Delgado, Missouri

Ennis Rakestraw, Missouri
Rayshad Williams, Texas Tech
Jarrian Jones, FSU
Anthony Sao, MidAmerica Nazarene
Jaylon Carlies, Missouri
Kwinton Lassiter, Kansas
Quinten Arello, Dartmouth
Trey Vaval, Minnesota State – Mankato
Ro Torrence, Arizona State

Millard "Nook" Bradford, TCU

DE / Edge
Darius Robinson, Missouri
Marshawn Kneeland, Western Michigan

Jontrey Hunter, Georgia State
Craig Young, Kansas
Dubem Okonkwo, Pittsburg State
Rich Miller, Kansas
Ty Hopper, Missouri

Khristian Boyd, Northern Iowa
Austin Booker, Kansas
CJ Ravenell, Missouri Western State
David Olajiga, Central Missouri State
Devin Phillips, Kansas
Khalid Duke, Kansas State
Nyles Gaddy, Missouri
Zach Elam, Missouri (also a TE)

Michael Hall Jr., Ohio State
Fabien Lovett, Florida State
Jowon Briggs, Cincinatti
T'Vondre Sweat, Texas

Special Teams

Seth Keller, Kansas

Randen Plattner, Kansas State

Links to Past Years:

Dante84 11:08 AM 02-27-2024
Got a late start this year (since it's bad luck to start this prior to the season ends - so it's a good problem). I tried to keep an eye out for stuff from the Senior Bowl, Shrine Bowl, HBCU Bowl, Hawaii Bowl.... but didn't see anything Chiefs related.

Curious to see what comes out of the combine this week, and then the upcoming Pro Days.
Coogs 06:01 AM 02-28-2024
Thanks for the effort you put into the draft! Each and every year I love this thread. :-)
In58men 07:08 AM 02-28-2024
Offseason now has officially started, thanks Dante.
staylor26 09:54 AM 02-28-2024

Robinson said he has met with the Chiefs.

Called Andy Reid, Steve Spagnuolo, and Joe Cullen “the GOATs” and said he would love to stay in the state of Missouri because it’s his “second home.”

— Tucker D. Franklin (@tuckerdfranklin) February 28, 2024

Dante84 12:47 PM 02-28-2024
Boom - first player added.
Couch-Potato 12:56 PM 02-28-2024
Originally Posted by staylor26:
We'd LOVE to have you!
Abba-Dabba 06:47 PM 02-28-2024
Don't know if true, but putting these out there. Really like both players.

NEWS: Penn State TE Theo Johnson met with the #Chiefs, #Texans, #Commanders, #Eagles and #Raiders yesterday, league sources tell @_Mlfootball@theo_Johnson_ will also meet with the #49ers today.

— MLFootball (@_MLFootball) February 28, 2024

NEWS: Missouri DB Ennis Rakestraw Jr has met with the #Rams, #Jaguars, #Ravens, #Packers, #Colts, #Texans, #Patriots, #Lions, #Seahawks, #Chiefs, #Falcons, #Saints, #Bills, #Chargers, #Steelers, #Bears, #Giants, #Eagles, and #Raiders, league sources tell @_MLFootball.


— MLFootball (@_MLFootball) February 28, 2024

UChieffyBugger 08:57 PM 02-28-2024
Originally Posted by Abba-Dabba:
Don't know if true, but putting these out there. Really like both players.

With Sneed looking likely to be traded the CB position is gonna be interesting in this draft for us. Veach has only drafted one high once and the rest were lower round picks so we'll see how it goes.
Abba-Dabba 09:52 AM 02-29-2024

Texas TE Ja’Tavion Sanders, a projected 2nd round pick, has formally met with the #Bears, #Bengals, #Chargers, #Chiefs, #Dolphins, #Ravens, and #Saints.

On potentially joining Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins: “I’d love to be a Dolphin.”

— Arye Pulli (@AryePulli) February 29, 2024

staylor26 09:55 AM 02-29-2024
My darkhorse at 32!
RunKC 09:25 AM 03-01-2024
Chiefs met with Bucky Irving. Guy oozes Andy Reid RB. Perfect McKinnon replacement
Dante84 09:29 AM 03-01-2024

Xavier Worthy says he has met with the Chiefs.

Could be the Chiefs round 1 pick to improve their struggling WR room

— Jace Andrews (@JaceAndrews_) March 1, 2024

In58men 10:05 AM 03-01-2024
Originally Posted by Dante84:
Dante84 10:34 AM 03-01-2024
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