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kccrow 09:05 PM 02-02-2023
Post all of our unrealistic, crap mocks from simulators here! :P

NFL Mock Draft Database Simulator Mock Draft Simulator

PFN Mock Draft Simulator

TDN Mock Draft Simulator (New Version Under Beta Testing Currently)

PFF NFL Mock Draft Simulator
duncan_idaho 09:33 PM 03-19-2023
Originally Posted by JohnnyHammersticks:
So The Draft Network brilliantly decides to beta test a new mock draft simulator right before the draft. I'm just posting this mock to show how ridiculously unrealistic it is now. That was my go-to website for mock draft simulations before this season. Wish they'd just scrap this beta test and go back to the one they had. It wasn't perfect, but it was the best one out there imo. Now it's just stupid. I want my $30 back.

It let me draft 5 top-20 DL with our first 5 picks. Reeruned.

32 Jalen Carter DL Georgia
64 Will Anderson Jr. DL Alabama
96 Myles Murphy DE Clemson
101 Bryan Bresee DE Clemson
123 Tyree Wilson DE Texas Tech
135 Jonathan Mingo WR Ole Miss
168 Zach Evans RB Ole Miss
199 Ronnie Bell WR Michigan
219 Kilian Zierer OT Auburn
227 Jon Gaines II OL Bruins
251 Malik Heath WR Ole Miss
252 Xavier Thomas EDGE Clemson

We'd win the next four Super Bowls and likely go undefeated for 4 seasons. :-)
Dude. I balied on them when they immediately shut down their website right after the draft next year, and everything disappeared... including the profile pages. So I was paying monthly for a nonexistant product.

Fuck them.
Couch-Potato 10:36 AM 03-20-2023
31: R1 P31 DL Mazi Smith - Michigan
63: R2 P32 RB Jahmyr Gibbs - Alabama
95: R3 P32 WR AT Perry - Wake Forest
122: R4 P20 OT Braeden Daniels - Utah
134: R4 P32 S Sydney Brown - Illinois
166: R5 P31 DE Adetomiwa Adebawore - Northwestern
197: R6 P20 EDGE YaYa Diaby - Louisville
217: R6 P40 WR Rakim Jarrett - Maryland
225: R7 P8 TE Josh Whyle - Cincinnati
249: R7 P32 CB Justin Ford - Montana
250: R7 P33 WR Bryce Ford-Wheaton - West Virginia
Couch-Potato 10:08 AM 03-22-2023
Starting to see Myles Murphy drop, what's up with that?
Woogieman 11:34 AM 03-22-2023
Originally Posted by Couch-Potato:
Starting to see Myles Murphy drop, what's up with that?
Would love that...did a PFN mock real quick and he wasn't falling on that one...interesting how these groups differ so much on certain players.

-Traded the first for two 2nds:

53) C. Kancey - DL (not ideal 1st pick)
61) K. White - E
63) Kincaid - TE (why is he dropping?)
95) X Hutchinson - WR
122) W. Morris - OT (looks pretty athletic to me)
166) T. Scott - wr
Couch-Potato 05:39 PM 03-23-2023
Ok, I traded this year's 4th, next year's 3rd, and MVS for Hopkins and picked up OBJ for a reasonable FA contract...

#31 NT M Smith
#63 RT D Wright
#93 ED Z Harrison
#134 ED Y Diaby
#166 OL B Daniels
#178 TE J Wylie
#217 OT W Morris
#249 FB H Luepke
#250 HB L Nichols

^The avg player in that draft is like 280 lbs
Chief Roundup 07:13 PM 03-23-2023
Originally Posted by Couch-Potato:
Starting to see Myles Murphy drop, what's up with that?
Where are you seeing this?
Couch-Potato 07:45 PM 03-23-2023
Originally Posted by Chief Roundup:
Where are you seeing this?
there's a whole thread about it
Direckshun 07:32 AM 03-24-2023
I just went through a draft and asked myself... what's the most realistic draft I can put together?

The Chiefs are effectively done building at IOL, at TE unless they want to add a talent, at LB, and in the secondary. They could all use depth pieces but I like where they are there. It's pretty much (a.) DL and (b.) WR. A piece here or there, like at RB. But I think the Chiefs are able to plug the dam at swing tackle and backup QB.

So what's realistic, assuming one unrealistic thing: Veach doesn't trade.

Here's what I got.

1. DE Keion White, Georgia Tech

A selection that won't fill our dreams at night, but a perfect Spags pick who should hit the ground running, give you a quality rookie season, and give you a little bit of Pro Bowl upside. This gives you a DE depth chart of Omenihu/Karlaftis/Danna/White. That's a really good rotation, with some Pro Bowl potential, with four guys who can all play DT on passing downs.

2. WR Kayshon Boutte, LSU

I suspect the Chiefs will at least bring Justin Watson back, but aside from that, Boutte is a solid addition at the bottom of Round 2. Boutte will inspire few people, much like the White addition in the 1st, but Boutte was once thought of as 1st round talent, is probably a 3rd round talent now, and he's someone you can slot into an MVS role in a year if it all falls right. The offense needs more speed, and Boutte brings a lot of it in kind of a Chris Conley type role, which this offense has needed since Conley has moved on.

3. WR Nathaniel Dell, Houston

Like I said, the offense needs speed. Dell gives this team some dynamic stop/go that I haven't seen since Dante Hall. This is the first and maybe only pick of the entire draft that will give fans any kind of imagination. He's a gadget guy, and Andy Reid always has to have a gadget guy.

4. DT Keondre Coburn, Texas

I think this is fair value, and the Chiefs are honestly a little behind the 8 ball at defensive tackle. I'm sure there are still a host of cheap veterans they can add after the draft, but they need more stability at the position anyway, rather than relying purely on one-year rentals. Coburn is a stout 2-down run defender and will at least give the Chiefs one guy they know they can count on being on the depth chart for the next three years.

4. DE Isaiah McGuire, Missouri

Another perfect Spags guy. He's got some traits that may give him a ceiling, but honestly I look at McGuire and the only questions I have are fixable. Soon as you get some of this guy's technique down, he's going to be starter-caliber, I feel. He's not a total project to build from the ground up. In one year, the Chiefs will have to make a decision about Mike Danna and Omenihu will suddenly have a $11m cap hit, so McGuire and White fortify a position the Chiefs have been working for multiple years to build up.

5. RB Deuce Vaughn, Kansas State

There were bigger, faster RBs than Vaughn, and seeing how I just took Dell in the 3rd, I am leery about taking two small players in the same draft class -- but that should be seen as how much I love Vaughn's tape. This guy is Darren Sproles, all the way down to the Kansas State heritage. He's great receiving out of the backfield, outstanding wiggle in the open field, and a sneaky good running in traditional run sets.

6. S Jay Ward, LSU

Secondary is a sneaky need in the back of the draft for this team, which is surprising given how strong they are at the top 8 spots. But the Chiefs like having four safeties, and Dave Toub needs more special teams aces. All my picks the rest of the way will be (a.) attempts to bolster depth, and (b.) feeding Toub some guys. Part of the reason the Chiefs Teams sucked last year was because Toub didn't have a special teams core.

6. FB Hunter Luepke, North Dakota State

So continues my multiple-year campaign against Andy Reid's insistence to rarely use fullbacks. I think the Chiefs are actually really solid when they run duo concepts and Luepke not only fills a roster spot we literally have nobody at, he gives you a special teams weapon and offers you some juice in the passing game as well.

7. LB Yasir Abdullah, Louisville
7. IOL Juice Scruggs, Penn State

I can't believe Juice is available in the 7th, so I'm taking him despite his limited usefulness on special teams. Abdullah is purely a special teams addition.


QB: Mahomes, Buechele
RB: Pacheco, Vaughn
FB: Luepke

WR: Toney, Valdez-Scantling, Boutte, Moore, Dell, Watson
TE: Kelce, Gray, Fortson

LT: Taylor, Thuney
LG: Thuney, Allegretti
C: Humprhey, Scruggs
RG: Smith, Kinnard
RT: Niang, Wanogho

DE: Omenihu, White, McGuire
DT: Jones, Wharton
DT: Nnadi, Coburn, Shelton
DE: Karlaftis, Danna

WLB: Gay, Tranquill, Abdullah
MLB: Bolton, Tranquill
SLB: Chenal, Cochrane

CB: Sneed, McDuffie, Watson, Williams, Johnson
S: Reid, Edwards, Cook, Ward

K: Butker
P: Townsend
LS: Winchester

Post-draft, the Chiefs pluck a couple RBs, find a backup QB, maybe sign a passable reserve RT.
Chief Roundup 09:49 AM 03-24-2023
Darnell Wright
OT | Tennessee

Adetomiwa Adebawore
EDGE | Northwestern

Chris Smith II
S | Georgia

Zacch Pickens
DL | South Carolina

Luke Schoonmaker
TE | Michigan
Chief Roundup 10:02 AM 03-24-2023
Jalin Hyatt
WR | Tennessee

Adetomiwa Adebawore
EDGE | Northwestern

Jaelyn Duncan
OT | Maryland

Darius Rush
CB | South Carolina

Jartavius Martin
JohnnyHammersticks 01:03 PM 03-24-2023
31. Felix Anudike-Uzomah EDGE Kansas State
63. Rashee Rice WR SMU
95. Israel Abanikanda RB Pittsburgh
122. Jonathan Mingo WR Ole Miss
134. Jaxson Kirkland OT Washington
166. Habakkuk Baldonado EDGE Pittsburgh
178. Zacch Pickens DT South Carolina
217. Durell Nchami EDGE Maryland
249. Jerome Carvin OG Tennessee
250. Byron Young DT Alabama

Give me ALL the Nigerians
Chief Roundup 06:51 PM 03-24-2023
Anton Harrison
OT | Oklahoma

Tuli Tuipulotu

Tyler Scott
WR | Cincinnati

Byron Young (TN)
EDGE | Tennessee

Olusegun Oluwatimi
IOL | Michigan
BossChief 10:42 PM 03-24-2023
I’d be thrilled with this draft…
Attached: F5A909D8-0EEC-4395-B79A-C844B3799EC7.jpg (54.9 KB) 
BossChief 10:49 PM 03-24-2023
Jesus. Not sure how they stack their board but…
Attached: 509EDD0E-B184-4483-AD76-C03976467BFF.jpg (53.0 KB) 
The Franchise 09:48 AM 03-25-2023
Dude...what's with all of these mock draft sites and premium subscriptions now? PFF locked anything more than the first two rounds unless you pay for it. You can't make trades unless you pay either.
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